Why Should I Avoid the DIY Braces Fashion (7+Reasons)

Why should I avoid the DIY braces fashion. Fashion trends come and go. And, you will find that there is always someone trying to claim that they have the latest and greatest way to give you a prettier smile. While you may be seeing lots of advertisements and videos about ways that you can turn orthodontic treatment into a DIY project, the truth is that these methods have limitations and potential dangers. In fact, you need to be aware of these serious reasons for why it is better to skip the DIY braces trend and seek an in-person orthodontist for your teeth straightening needs.


DIY Orthodontics Can Be Bad for Teeth

A recent trend has emerged among teens that involves using rubber bands to straighten teeth. With this method, teens wrap rubber bands tightly around the teeth that they want to move together, and it is commonly used for trying to fix gaps between the front teeth. Sadly, this method can generate so much pressure on the roots of the teeth that they begin to die. It is also possible for the rubber bands to get lodged under the gums where they can cause pain and infections.

Some people also try gluing earring backs to their teeth that they attach wires to and try to tighten. Not only is this method ineffective, but the glue can damage tooth enamel. If the teeth do move, then it is likely that they will not go into the right positions. Real braces are put on your teeth with precise amounts of pressure that make sure that the proper alignment is achieved.


Making Your Own Impressions Is Hard

Most mail order braces companies start by sending you a kit. This kit includes the materials that you need to make impressions of your current teeth alignment. While you may read on their website that this process is easy, it is harder than you think to take a good impression. For instance, just moving your jaw slightly while the putty is in your mouth can skew the results.

A professional orthodontist spends many hours during their education and training learning how to take proper impressions. They also know how to assess your bite and teeth alignment with a visual exam that helps to make sure that you get the right type of treatment.

With a mail order kit, you must do things such as mix the impression putty properly. You typically only have a minute to do this before the putty hardens. Then, you have to put it in the tray and hold it in your mouth properly for up to five minutes. Most people find this process stressful and even uncomfortable. If it is not done properly, then you have to redo the whole thing over again. This is a common cause of people receiving delayed treatment that is completely preventable by having professional impressions made.


Mail Order Clear Aligners Don’t Always Fit Properly

The quality of the impressions that you make affect how well your aligner trays fit your mouth. Even the tiniest of errors can cause issues such as making the aligner trays rub the soft tissues of your mouth. If your trays do not fit properly, then you can also assume that they are not going to move your teeth into the correct positions. Once again, having to get the trays remade or adjusted further delays your ability to enjoy a straighter smile.

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Some People Are Not Candidates for Aligner Trays

In some cases, you just might not be the ideal candidate to try aligners. This is especially true if you have extreme crowding or a severely incorrect bite. Plastic aligners work to help correct orthodontic issues by applying specific forces to different teeth at the appropriate time. If you have severe orthodontic issues, then you are more likely to need to begin your treatment with traditional metal braces or other appliances that correct the issues before moving into clear aligners.

Unfortunately, you may not find out that you have severe problems with your bite or teeth alignment until you have already partially invested in mail order products. This is because no one may check on your teeth until you send in the impressions. Most DYI companies claim that orthodontists (or often just a general dentist) look over each case.  The sad truth is that virtual viewing of pictures does not substitute for a comprehensive exam with professional photos and xrays to ascertain the overall health and readiness of your teeth to receive orthodontic treatment.  You should carefully consider this fact before beginning DIY orthodontics.


They May Not Address All of Your Problems

Most DIY companies just focus on making teeth straighter. However, you may have issues that cause your teeth to be crooked that require the care of an orthodontist. For instance, you may have permanent teeth that have not grown in. Or a baby tooth that is still in hanging in there. Some people also have issues such as a large frenulum between the upper lip and gum that pulls the front teeth apart, and leaving this uncorrected will cause your teeth to just go back to having a gap after your treatment.

A professional office visit also allows you to talk about lifestyle factors that affect your teeth. For instance, you may need a different type of appliance if you are the type to forget to wear the aligner trays for most of the day. You may also need help with behavioral issues such as sucking your thumb or grinding your teeth at night that can impact which type of treatment works best for you.


DIY Braces Treatment Can Take Longer

You’ll also probably hear from mail order companies claims that their methods work faster and better than the treatment you can receive in a brick-and-mortar office. However, you need to remember that faster is not always better. Many DIY treatments may not actually move your teeth as fast as they claim. Especially if you have poorly done impressions that lead to less effective aligner trays.



Mail Order Braces Can Cause Other Issues to Develop

You should also be wary of doing orthodontic treatment at home because it can sometimes lead to more issues developing. For instance, moving your teeth too far in one direction can alter your bite. And even create new gaps or crooked areas to appear. If too much pressure is applied to your teeth, it can also cause damage to your gums as well as the roots of your teeth.

In-Person Visits Work Best for Monitoring Progress

Finally, there is a good reason why traditional orthodontic methods require you to come into the office for checkups. During these visits, your progress is carefully checked to see if any adjustments need to be made to your treatment plan. If you have Invisalign, these visits are less often than you would need for metal braces. Yet, they still give you a chance to discuss your concerns with a professional who can provide instant feedback as they check your mouth in person.

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Why Should I Avoid the DIY Braces Fashion (7+Reasons)

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