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Braces for Adults

Braces for Adults

Orthodontic treatment is ideal for people of all ages!

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you decide to transform your smile.

We provide high-quality braces for adults, because there’s no age limit on a beautiful, healthy smile. Our orthodontists’ level of expertise in adult orthodontics enables us to deliver consistently exceptional results for our patients.  

From mild cases to highly-complex cases, we’ve successfully treated hundreds cases with advanced Damon Clear™ braces, Spark clear aligners and Invisalign® clear aligners!

Why is adult orthodontic treatment important?

Many people don’t even realize that their current orthodontic condition is hindering their quality of life! The alignment of your teeth and bite affect everything, including your ability to breathe, chew and swallow properly, your sleep quality, and your sense of self esteem. 

The condition of your smile impacts some of the most important functions in your life! 

When is too late to get braces?

It’s never too late to get braces! You can make the decision to transform your life with adult orthodontic treatment at any age. 

In fact, adult orthodontic treatment may be more common than you think! According to Humana, about one-fourth of Americans undergoing orthodontic treatment are adults.

Average Treatment Period

The average orthodontic treatment period is about 12 to 18 months. Think about how many more ‘12 to 18 months’ you still have left! No matter how old you are when you finally decide to achieve the smile of your dreams, you’re never too old.

What We Offer

We offer Damon Clear self-ligating braces, Spark aligners and Invisalign clear aligners, because these treatment options are popular favorites in adult orthodontics! These modern treatment options can accommodate any lifestyle, and with our orthodontists’ skill, they’re guaranteed to deliver beautiful results. Not only are Damon Clear and clear aligners more discreet than traditional braces, but they work faster and fit more comfortably than traditional metal braces too!

All of these symptoms can be corrected with adult orthodontic treatment!

If you notice any of those unpleasant signs or symptoms, this is a great indication that you’d benefit from orthodontic treatment.
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Paying for Orthodontics

We don’t want your finances to stand in the way of your new smile!

We do everything we can to minimize the cost of adult orthodontic treatment. 

We offer a number of flexible payment plans to accommodate our patients’ budgets. You shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of your treatment to meet your financial needs. 

When you choose Nth Degree Orthodontics, you can start treatment with one of the most experienced orthodontists in South Carolina without overpaying.

Want to know more about adult orthodontic treatment?

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at any of our locations in West Spartanburg, East Spartanburg, Gaffney, Duncan, or Union. We believe patient education is the foundation to a successful treatment! We will always take the time to explain your treatment to you, throughout every phase. 

If you haven’t received your complimentary exam yet, we encourage you to request yours today! Your first visit to our office is no-obligation, no-risk, and no-commitment. We want you to experience the Nth Degree in orthodontic care, without any financial risk.