The Nth Degree Kid's Club:Where Beautiful Smiles Grow

All of the cool kids join the Nth Degree Kid’s Club, our observation program for children with growing mouths!

We go to the Nth Degree when providing orthodontics for all ages. A part of going above and beyond in our child orthodontics experience is offering free observation appointments to monitor your child’s growth and development, and help them prepare for a beautiful, healthy, strong smile.

Just as you visit your general dentist every six months for cleanings and cavity checks, children can also benefit from orthodontic check-ups.

What is the Nth Degree Kid's Club?

The Kid’s Club is preliminary to early orthodontic treatment. In our Kid’s Club, we monitor our young patients’ smile growth and development to ensure that their teeth and jaw bones are growing in a healthy alignment.

Parents, here’s the best part – the Kid’s Club is free! Our highly experienced orthodontists will monitor your child’s development every six months, free of charge.

Here’s how it works:

When your child visits us for a complimentary exam, if our orthodontists determine that he or she isn’t ready for orthodontic treatment yet, they will automatically be enrolled in our Kid’s Club program for observation appointments every six months.

Why join the Kid's Club?

Every child’s smile develops at a different rate. Not every child will need braces, and not every child will be ready for braces by age 7. (The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive their first orthodontic exam by age 7 in order to prevent future orthodontic problems.)

If your child does not require braces at the time of their first visit, we will begin “observation” appointments that enable us to monitor and measure facial growth. We ensure that baby teeth are coming out on time and permanent teeth are able to grow into proper positions. These appointments can significantly minimize the need for more extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age.

It also allows us to keep you better informed of what treatment your child may need and when they will be ready.

Our orthodontists are trained to detect problematic orthodontic conditions before they progress and require a more intensive treatment or a longer treatment process.

Developmental issues and dental misalignments become apparent around age 7, and it’s important that these conditions don’t go untreated. When untreated conditions progress, these can lead to:

As the permanent teeth are emerging around age 7, we’re able to monitor growth and identify problematic conditions to create a personalized treatment plan that ends in a beautiful, confident smile.

Kid's Club Rewards

But wait, a beautiful smile isn’t the only reward from the Kid’s Club! At your child’s first visit, they will receive a Kid’s Club t-shirt, certificate and a chance to “Spin to Win” a special prize at each visit! Kids will also have their photo featured in our Kid’s Club Gallery.

It’s important to us that we make Nth Degree Orthodontics a positive place to be for all ages.

Be an Excellent Nth Degree Kid's Club Member

Here’s what you can do to be an excellent Nth Degree Kid’s Club member:

Join the Nth Degree Kid's Club today!

All you have to do to join the Kid’s Club is request a complimentary exam at any of our 5 convenient locations!

We’ll perform a thorough exam to assess your child’s current smile, growth and development. If your child is not yet ready for orthodontic treatment, but we detect a problematic condition arising, they’ll join our Kid’s Club and begin receiving Kid’s Club benefits!

If you have any questions about the Nth Degree Kid’s Club, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Beautiful smiles are grown in the Kid’s Club!