Share Your Smile As a Gift [2017]

Fix an Unattractive Smile With Professional Orthodontic Treatment

When someone doesn’t have a smile, share one of your own, and the individual is likely to begin smiling right away in response. Many individuals won’t smile because they are self-conscious about having poorly spaced or crooked teeth, but they can visit an orthodontist to learn more about aligners or braces. Orthodontic treatment is available for everyone, but the type of devices required will depend on the severity of their malocclusions. Most individuals have minor malocclusions that are simple to fix with plastic aligners that are easy to remove from the mouth while chewing food or drinking beverages.

Orthodontic Devices Work Quickly to Repair Your Teeth

You can continue to share a smile while wearing aligners because the devices are nearly invisible. When you have severe misalignments of your teeth, an orthodontist will recommend braces instead of aligners, but today, you can choose to wear color-matching ceramic or lingual devices that are not as noticeable inside your mouth. Orthodontic treatment can require six months to four years, depending on the types of devices that you need to wear. While that may seem like it is a long amount of time, it is the only way to improve your smile.

Schedule an Appointment With an Orthodontist Today

At Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics in South Carolina, we provide top-of-the-line examinations using computer software imaging machines. You can schedule an appointment with either:

  • Dr. Eric Nease
  • Dr. Phil Higginbotham

We have three locations where you can schedule an appointment, including:

  • Spartanburg
  • Duncan
  • Gaffney

Our orthodontists provide treatments with these devices:

  • Aligners – designed by Invisalign
  • Braces – Damon System, metallic or Inspire
  • Herbst appliance – designed for repairing the lower jaw

It is possible for a client to reduce his orthodontic treatment time by using the AcceleDent Aura System at home for 20 minutes each day.

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Share Your Smile As a Gift 2017

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