Top 5 Spark/Invisalign® Tips for a Successful Journey

If you’re on a clear aligner journey with Dr. Thomas, Dr. Nease, and the Nth Degree Ortho team, you’re in for an amazing, life-changing transformation! We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure that your Spark or Invisalign experience is as smooth and successful as possible, so you can experience beautiful results after treatment.

We’ve got the top 5 Spark/Invisalign tips to help you take your smile to the Nth Degree!

1. Use our DentalMonitoring app!

Have you been using the super cool DentalMonitoring app? It’s like having your own personal smile assistant in your pocket!

Download the DM app to:

  • track your progress
  • get cleaning tips and learn more about how clear aligners like Invisalign or Spark work
  • set handy reminders and receive notifications to help you stay on track with wearing your aligners
  • attending your virtual check-ins appointments
  • and so much more!

Using the DM app is like having an easy, direct line to smile perfection. Stay connected, stay motivated, and let the app join you on your journey.

2. Keep your past aligners!

It may be tempting to bid farewell to your old aligners as you progress through your treatment. But it’s actually important that you keep them! (We’ll discuss this during your complimentary consultation of course.)

Your past aligners aren’t just souvenirs; they’re your backup plan! In case you accidentally misplace or damage your current aligners, having your previous ones can keep you on the right track and prevent your teeth from ‘relapsing’ or reverting back to their previous positions. Specifically, we suggest you keep at least the aligner prior to the one you are currently wearing.

3. Bring all aligners to each appointment

It’s an aligner party! Tell your aligners to bring their friends. Bringing your past and future aligners to your orthodontist visits can help us keep track of your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your personalized treatment plan.

In the event that a new aligner isn’t fitting properly, we can assess previous aligners to determine whether you should use a past aligner or if you’re ready to move to the next aligner. Your past aligners help us ensure that everything is still going according to plan, so we can achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time! And we will mark which of your new aligners you should stop at so you don’t get confused!

Thankfully we give you a super cool Nth Degree bag that all of your aligners will fit in and you can just grab it before heading to each appointment with us!

4. Check the fit of your aligners regularly.

It’s important to check the fit of your aligners to make sure that they’re hugging your teeth properly. A snug fit means they’re doing their job and moving your teeth efficiently. Your aligners shouldn’t feel loose, and they should be able to ‘snap’ into place as confirmation of a good fit.

You can use a clear aligner “chewie” to help your clear aligners fit properly too! Clear aligner chewies are small, cylindrical pieces of soft plastic that you bite down on (with your aligners in place) to properly ‘seat’ your aligners. To use a chewie, bite down on it, move it around different areas of your mouth, and bite down with gentle pressure to help optimize the fit of your aligners.

You can purchase a pack of orthodontic chewies on Amazon and we’ll provide you with some at the beginning of treatment to get you started!.

5. Keep your teeth sparkly clean!

Keeping your teeth, gums and clear aligners clean is one of the easiest Spark/Invisalign tips and tricks to ensure a successful journey. Clean teeth are healthy teeth; healthy teeth are strong teeth; and strong teeth are most receptive to movement through orthodontic treatment. Don’t eat or drink anything besides water while wearing your aligners so that your teeth and trays can stay nice and clean!

Brush your teeth thoroughly day and night, and after big meals. Floss between each tooth every night too! After you eat, give your clear aligners a good rinse with water and consider brushing/flossing your teeth and/or using mouthwash after eating too.

Give your clear aligners a gentle brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush under warm water (NOT HOT!) each time you brush your teeth. Avoid using toothpaste on the trays, as the abrasives in them can dull the shine of the aligner. If you like, you can also soak your clear aligners in a cleaning solution like RetainerBrite (or any brand of denture cleaner) a few nights a week.

By doing everything you can to maintain a clean smile, you’re setting yourself up for success!

Still have questions about your clear aligners journey?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We’re here to support you and give you all of the tips you need to experience a successful smile journey with clear aligners.

Ready to take your smile to the Nth Degree? Request your complimentary exam with us at one of our orthodontic offices in the Upstate of South Carolina. Or get started with a virtual smile assessment now!




















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