Can Women Safely Wear Braces When Pregnant?

It’s a special time for a woman when she’s pregnant. They are often willing to change their behavior in many ways to make certain their unborn child is healthy. One of the things that doesn’t need to change is orthodontic care. This is something that can be done at any time during pregnancy. A woman’s unborn child will never be at risk.

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It is essential that an orthodontist knows when a woman is pregnant or planning to become pregnant.  It is possible for women to gain a substantial amount of weight during their pregnancy. This could change the size as well as the shape of their mouth or face. When this happens, the orthodontist may need to adjust the treatment plan to accommodate current or future problems with a woman’s mouth or teeth.


Discuss With Obstetrician

When a pregnant woman is considering orthodontic treatment, they should discuss it with their obstetrician first. They will know the details of their pregnancy and if specific orthodontic treatments will present any type of a problem. Many women experience inflammation of their gums during pregnancy. This is called pregnancy gingivitis, which could increase the chance of their teeth shifting into the wrong position. Treatment may also be necessary to avoid teeth returning to the wrong places in their gum after the pregnancy.


Dental History

This is important for the orthodontist to record. It will make certain a pregnant woman’s individual orthodontic issues are addressed. It’s possible for a woman to have inflamed gums, gingivitis problems and more after becoming pregnant.



It is common for pregnant women to be taking some type of medication. There are drugs that can cause complications during orthodontic treatments. It is important an orthodontist know all medications being taken. They will be able to determine if these medications could be a problem with planned orthodontic treatment. It’s also important to inform them of any vitamins being taken. Some vitamins can cause a decrease in tooth movement and more.


Body Changes

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is constantly changing. Their hormone levels will change, and this could result in excess saliva. It could also cause loose teeth, bad breath and more. Any orthodontic treatment plan started prior to the pregnancy can continue during the pregnancy. New types of orthodontic treatment can also begin if necessary.


Pregnancy Cravings

It is common for women to experience certain food cravings during their pregnancy. Most foods are okay for a pregnant woman to eat when having orthodontic treatment. There are certain foods that should be avoided. This includes hard or sticky candy, popcorn, crunchy tortilla chips and taco shells as well as nuts, hard pretzels, and hard cookies.


Dental Images

Many pregnant women have concerns regarding how medical image testing of their face and mouth will affect their unborn child. X-rays should only be taken at certain times during pregnancy, and then only when absolutely necessary.  It is important for Moms-to-be to realize that modern orthodontic facilities are equipped with protective devices. These are placed over the abdominal region of a pregnant woman when such medical images are taken. This limits the exposure of an unborn child to excess radiation.


Damon Braces

It is safe for a woman who is pregnant to wear Damon Braces. There are situations where this is necessary. They are designed to limit the amount of pressure and friction on a person’s teeth. This makes the experience of getting straight teeth much easier for a woman who is pregnant. It consists of a slide mechanism designed to hold wires in place. This enables the teeth to move freely when necessary. It does not use elastics to tie the wires into the braces.  They also come in a clear option.  This makes them less noticeable but still very effective. When wearing these, a pregnant woman won’t be self-conscious about her smile.



It is possible for a pregnant woman to handle their orthodontic needs with Invisalign aligners. Many women experience a misalignment or improper relation between their teeth and dental arches when pregnant. Pregnancy could be a time when their teeth do not mesh together normally. When this happens, the soft plastic material of these aligners can be worn without experiencing any type of discomfort. They are easy for a pregnant woman to use as well as maintain.



When a woman is pregnant and needs braces, it can be accommodated. Utilizing new, soft plastic aligners will meet their needs. They can easily be created with a simple intraoral scan. All necessary adjustments can be quickly made. A woman who is pregnant may be required to make regular visits to their orthodontic office. Doing this will ensure that all necessary changes are being performed as required.

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There have been some concerns about the soft plastic material used to make aligners containing BPA. This is not a concern for pregnant women who choose to use Invisalign aligners. Studies have shown that BPA found is some types of plastic materials is a health hazard for children, infants and especially fetuses. The plastic material used to make these aligners is certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be free of BPA.


Oral Hygiene

When a pregnant woman is using soft plastic retainers, they can be removed so that oral hygiene routines can be maintained. Tooth brushing will need to be accompanied by the careful application of dental floss. Some women will be recommended to use dental tools that are like small bottle brushes attached to handles. These are very effective at being manipulated around teeth. When pregnant women use soft plastic retainers and combine it with regular dental cleaning, problems with periodontal disease can be eliminated.



Pregnant women who need orthodontic care should make an appointment with Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics. Having straight teeth is one thing that can help them feel good about their appearance. There is no medical reason a woman should avoid orthodontic work because they’re pregnant. Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics knows this is a time when it’s important to be happy about smiling. Contact us for expert advice.

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Can Women Safely Wear Braces When Pregnant?

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