Why it's Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist [Regularly]

UPDATED 29-10-17

Have you made an appointment to visit your orthodontist?  Thinking about getting braces or Invisalign? Firstly, before you get braces, Invisalign or another straightening method, you’ll need to go in for a few appointments. As soon as a child’s adult teeth begin to grow, it’s a good idea to start visiting the orthodontist. Consequently, he or she can let you know if the teeth are growing incorrectly or if your child will need to undergo a teeth-straightening method.


Find Out the Optimal Time for Braces

One of the best reasons for your child to get an orthodontic check-up at an early age is to begin determining the optimal time for teeth straightening. As soon as the adult teeth have grown in, orthodontists should be able to estimate the optimal time for teeth straightening. Keeping an early eye on teeth crowding can ensure that teeth straightening methods can be administered at the optimal time for a healthy smile. Though not all children need to undergo straightening methods, the likelihood is more probable without regular check-ups.


Ensure Adult Teeth Grow Straight

Orthodontists can keep an eye on adult teeth as they grow into the gum line. Many factors can affect tooth growth. Baby teeth that have not fallen out soon enough can cause adult teeth to grow in crooked. Orthodontists can advise you when you should have certain teeth extracted to avoid unnecessary teeth straightening later in your child’s life. An overcrowded mouth is one of the top reasons for teeth straightening methods, so make sure you keep an eye on tooth development early.


During Teeth Straightening

Ensure Your Brackets and Wires Aren’t Broken

Once you’ve decided on a straightening method, you’ll need to come in for regular visits. One of the main reasons patients need to come in for unscheduled visits is broken brackets and wires. Orthodontists can maintain metal and plastic pieces to ensure they are working efficiently. Sometimes it’s good to come in for a check-up even if you don’t think there might be broken equipment in your mouth. Sometimes brackets and wires can break without your knowledge. Orthodontists and their assistants are trained to look for problem areas.


Ensure Your Teeth Are Moving as Planned

Orthodontists know how teeth should move at every stage of the straightening process. You should go into the office for regular check-ups to ensure your teeth are straightening as planned. Even if your wires aren’t adjusted with every trip, your visits are still important. Keeping an eye on the way your teeth are moving is an important part of the process. You don’t want your teeth to move too far or not fast enough. You can keep the process in its proper place by heading to the orthodontist’s office for regular visits throughout the duration of the teeth-straightening process.


Adjust Your Braces

You’ll need to visit the office every few weeks for adjustments. Orthodontists know how teeth should be moving at every step of the process. If your teeth aren’t shifting at a steady rate, your brackets and wires can be adjusted to speed up the process. Similarly, if your teeth are moving too fast, your brackets and wires can be adjusted to keep the process moving at the correct rate. It’s totally normal for orthodontists to adjust your wires throughout the process; it means your teeth straightening is working. Make sure you schedule appointments as necessary and keep your appointments to ensure a fast and speedy teeth-straightening process.


Refit Your Invisalign

Brackets and wires need to be adjusted, and Invisalign aligners need to be adjusted too. Orthodontists can let you know how often you’ll need to head into the office for fittings. Generally, you need to head into the office every few weeks to ensure the aligners are moving your teeth at the appropriate rate and to be fitted for new aligners. Since each aligner is fitted to move different teeth, you’ll need to keep going in for new aligners as your teeth “graduate” to the next level. Orthodontists also like to keep an eye on how your teeth are shifting too.




After Teeth Straightening

Your teeth might be straight and pretty, but you can’t break up with your orthodontist yet! You’ll still need to keep heading to the office to ensure your teeth don’t drift back to their old spaces.


Get Fitted for a Retainer

First, you’ll need to be fitted for a retainer. Retainers are worn overnight to ensure your teeth don’t drift back during the 8 or 10 hours you’re asleep. Your orthodontist can fit you with a retainer to keep your teeth exactly where he or she left them.


Ensure Your Teeth Haven’t Moved Back

You’ll still need to keep going into the office after you’ve gotten your retainer too. You’ve just spent a few months to a few years of your life aligning your teeth. Make sure they stay where they’re supposed to stay with follow-up visits every few weeks to every few months.

Ensure Your Retainer is Working Properly

Orthodontists generally like to make sure your retainer is doing its job, so you’ll need to bring your little plastic friend into the office with you too. As a result, you might even need to be fitted for a new retainer if it turns out the old one isn’t working properly.


Ensure New Teeth Aren’t Crowding Your Mouth

You might need to head back to the office if new teeth, like wisdom teeth, start shifting your adult teeth. Though many people opt to get wisdom teeth removed, they often don’t do so until the wisdom teeth have started affecting the spacing of the adult teeth.


Schedule a Consult

Furthermore, you can make an appointment to discuss which option would be most suitable for you. Dr. Nease will help you make the decision that will lead to a stunning smile that will increase your confidence, improve your self-esteem, and support your overall oral health. Most of all, it’s time to treat yourself to that straight, beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted.


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Why it’s Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist [Regularly]


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