Where Do I Get My Invisalign? {8 FACTS}

The Invisalign treatment is a revolutionary treatment that could change your life for a very long time. You could ultimately have the beautiful smile that you always wanted. You may believe that it’s the same no matter where you go, and you may be compelled to visit any provider to get the Invisalign system. The truth is, however, that you have to pay careful attention to where you go to get your braces and your alternative treatments such as plastic aligners. You have to examine these eight qualities before you allow an orthodontist to work on your teeth in any form or fashion:

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Care and Concern

Care and concern are on the top of the list because they are qualities that not every orthodontist has. A caring specialist makes the patient’s happiness and wellness his priority and does not focus on earnings or quick fixes that will deteriorate. This person is special because he truly cares about coming up with an effective solution and seeing his patient happier than ever before with a gorgeous smile. A consultation will review these qualities to you.


Skills and Credentials

Skills and credentials are essential when you’re trying to choose the right provider, as well. You want someone who has not only passed the training for the plastic aligner niche but also has experience installing them onto clients and seeing positive results. This special certification will put one office way ahead of the other. You should always check to see if they have the certifications or ask for proof of it before you proceed. As you can see, Dr. Nease is at the silver level.


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Advanced Technologies

Another quality that you need to look for in an orthodontic office is that the practitioners use advanced technologies. Advanced technologies don’t just refer to the type of plastic aligners that an establishment uses. It also includes the equipment that such an establishment uses to determine the level of alignment correction that you need and the appropriate recovery plan. The office should always use the state-of-the-art equipment because technology keeps advancing every day. You want an establishment that grows with the changing times and wants to use those changes to make sure that you get the highest level of care.


Affordability and Payment Flexibility

A good provider should have affordable pricing. And they should also offer several types of payment options for you just in case you are unable to pay using one of the popular forms. The establishment should have a good mix of insurance providers that it’s willing to accept. Perhaps it will accept discount plans, as well.


Positive Reviews and Reputation

The reputation of a care facility is one of the main criteria that you should use for your decision when it comes time for you to pick a provider that you want to use for your aligner treatment. You can find out a lot of information about such an establishment by reading consumer reviews. Current and former clients create reviews, and they are usually quite honest about the experiences that they endure whether they are good or bad.

The silent code of ethics between dental patients requires them to tell each other the truth so that they can get the very best care possible. Take your time to read the reviews of a provider that interests you. You should see a pattern of positivity and praise around an establishment that has a positive reputation. If you’re judging by star ratings, you’ll need to stick with an establishment that has three stars or more out of five or six stars or more out of 10 stars.

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Easy Scheduling Process

An easy scheduling process is always a good thing for a provider to have because it can help you to get the alignment care you need fast. Online scheduling tools are best in that regard because they can help you to serve yourself and set your own time to visit someone. These systems are becoming more popular in today’s busy health and orthodontia-related offices.


Multiple Treatment Options

Your provider should be able to offer you a vast assortment of treatment options such as braces and aligner choices. Plastic aligners may be the best option for you. But the provider should offer some other options in case it turns out that your specific case needs a different approach. The specialist is going to examine you and take X-Rays to determine the approach that he takes with you. Make sure that the provider you’re considering has plenty of options that can bring you massive results when you smile.

Honesty and Transparency

Finally, honesty and transparency are two qualities that a provider cannot compromise in any way. You need a provider who is not afraid to tell the truth to you about who he is. Nor where he’s been, how competent he is and what his establishment can do for you. You also need a provider who is going to be forthcoming with you about your treatment. And also the methods that he is going to use to treat you. Trust is something that not every provider establishes between himself and the people he is treating. It’s vital if the patient-provider relationship is going to work at all. The consultation can give you some insight that you can use to formulate your decision.


Get in for Your First Consultation

Now that you know what determines the best place to get your aligners, you can pick up the phone and contact the very best. Nease & Higginbotham are two specialists who have a proven track record that shows all of the above qualities. They have positive reviews, affordable pricing, appropriate training and an overall reputation for giving successful treatments. You can schedule an appointment today by phone or form. A good phone number for you to call is 864-579-7700.  You can make your appointment today and get in to see some reliable people for your aligners. Contact Dr. Nease today and you will walk away with a smile!

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