What Makes Invisalign Unique [Among Others?]

The Invisalign system has come a long way since its inception in 1997. It is the most widely recognized brand of clear aligners in production today. It is offered by orthodontists in more than 40 countries, and more than 2.5 million patients have used it for their orthodontic treatment, according to industry experts. The statistics may make you wonder what makes Invisalign unique and why so many people are opting to use the system over some other methods of teeth correction. The following is some information on what differentiates this system from other corrective systems and perhaps why people continue to flock to it.


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So, What Makes Invisalign Unique Among Others?

  1. Gentle Construction

The main element that makes this corrective system shine over other systems is the comfort that clients receive. Comfort is important because orthodontic patients have to have their devices in for anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years. Pain and discomfort can upset the quality of the person’s life. That’s why the creators of the aligner system tried to make them as comfortable as possible.

It appears that the plan worked because more people flocked to it and will continue to do so in the future. The manufacturers make the aligners from gentle BP-free plastic that does not give the wearer the same level of discomfort that some other methods cause. What’s particularly amazing is that the aligners do not lose any effectiveness because of it. They still can perfect a myriad of smiles and have done so in patients for many years.

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  1. Clear Color

If you’re still wondering what makes Invisalign unique, then the answer is discretion. Discretion is one of the top reasons that people try the system. The aligners are almost invisible, which means very few people know about them, except the client and the orthodontist who prescribes them. Because of their invisible quality, high school students, high-profile workers and self-conscious individuals can continue their everyday lives without worrying about being uncomfortable in society. No one will be able to see that they are getting treatment unless they share the information and then show the person what’s in his or her mouth.


  1. Shorter Recovery Time

The normal time for a patient to recover from a braces adjustment is 3-4 days.  Since clear aligners move the teeth in smaller increments, the recovery time is less for them versus braces.  Normally in less than a day, the discomfort is gone and normal eating activities can resume.  Most people change their aligners out before they go to bed.  By the time they wake up the next morning, most people have already returned to normal.


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  1. Removal for Teeth Cleaning

Removability is a huge motivator for people to use the aligner system of teeth correction. Many people love the fact that they can take the aligners out any time they need to. Clients are only required to wear the aligners 22 hours out of every 24-hour day. That means that they have two hours each day to take them out and do whatever they need to do whether it’s eating, brushing, flossing, or cleaning the aligners.

Some other methods of smile correction don’t allow such open access and easy removal. Therefore, the client’s dental hygiene efforts may be challenged. This system works with the client by allowing that person to facilitate his own teeth cleaning via removal. Users can brush their teeth, floss their entire mouths and use mouthwash and other agents. Keeping the mouth clean and free of disease is an excellent way to preserve the integrity of the correction system.


  1. Removable for Eating

The aligners are not just removable for cleaning. They’re also removable for eating. Therefore, the client doesn’t need to adhere to any type of dietary restrictions because the meals will never affect the aligners. This is another reason that many people want to use this system. Other corrective types have restrictions on them in that regard.


  1. Affordable

The clear aligner system is affordable to consumers, as well. Many of them take that option because it is affordable, and they can pay to get treatment immediately. Interested persons can use their dental insurance if they have it. They can also use discount cards. The facility takes credit and debit cards, as well. Aligner treatment is quite flexible, and that’s why many people flock to it to get their teeth straight.


  1. Strategic

A skilled orthodontist is a person who comes up with the strategy for the aligners. He uses a one or two-week interval to set the mode of the correction. He and the lab work together to design a set of aligners that are specific to the client. The client wears the aligners for the specified time and then moves to the next set of aligners at home without the need to visit the orthodontist. The patient normally needs to visit the orthodontists every 2-3 months to make sure the aligners are moving the teeth properly.   Each set of aligners brings the person closer to the smile perfection. It’s magical to watch one’s smile transform from crooked to straight over this period of time. The aligner experience is surely unique compared to some of the other methods on the market today.



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What Makes Invisalign Unique [Among Others?]

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