Wear a Gorgeous Smile [Instead of an Unattractive Frown]

Jim Beggs believes that before you put on an ugly frown, you should make sure that there are no beautiful smiles available. It is easy to have an attractive smile by visiting your favorite orthodontist for an evaluation. Modern examinations are fast and easy because orthodontic facilities have state-of-the-art computer software to collect and analyze a patient’s medical images. In addition, you will need a physical examination to determine if you have healthy gum tissue before planning how to repair your malocclusions to create a unique and gorgeous smile.

Do You Have Mild or Severe Malocclusions?

If you have overlapping or widely spaced teeth, then you must decide if braces or Invisalign aligners are appropriate for your orthodontic treatment plan. Your orthodontist will provide advice to help you make a decision concerning the type of orthodontic treatment that is best suited to improve your smile.  With today’s technology and appliances, both mild and severe malocclusions can be treated efficiently.  Severe malocclusions can take two years or longer to correct.  But these cases are not very common.  Most individuals have mild malocclusions that can be corrected with either braces or clear plastic aligners in about one year of treatment.

Schedule an Appointment With an Expert Orthodontist

If you live in South Carolina, then you can schedule an appointment with Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics. We have three offices that are available in these cities:

  • Gaffney
  • Duncan
  • Spartanburg

At our orthodontic facilities, you can have an examination and consultation with Dr. Eric Nease or Dr. Phil Higginbotham. Our patients are treated with a combination of multiple orthodontic appliances, including:

  • Braces – Damon System (either metal or clear), Orthos System
  • Herbst appliance – helps to repair a severe overbite
  • Clear Aligners – Invisalign or 3-D printed in house aligners

So, contact us today for expert treatment that could rid you of frowns forever!


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Wear a Gorgeous Smile [Instead of an Unattractive Frown]

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