Wear a Big Smile

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A smile is probably the first personal feature you notice about someone. Strong, straight, even teeth create a visual impression that, when showcased in a smile, can last forever. No matter what a person is wearing, age, race, or other characteristics, a smile sends a powerful and universal greeting appreciated by all.

Who needs braces?

Not everyone is born with the perfect smile, however. While their lips may lift symmetrically, their teeth may come in crooked. Some people lose a tooth to an accident or malformation. The jawbone may be uneven. Many problems can occur before or after birth to interfere with the development of a beautiful smile.

Orthodontics can help.

Fortunately, orthodontist specialists can help to improve or enhance an imperfect smile. Through testing, planning, and treatment, teeth can be shifted, moved, or adjusted in other ways to create a more attractive appearance. Often, wearing braces can help teeth move to more appropriate positions. They can push tilted teeth upright and fill gaps between the teeth.

Many treatment options are available.

There are many styles of braces to choose from, including Invisalign, which is nearly invisible to the casual observer. Other types of metal brackets and wires are available for various needs, such as sturdier metal brackets for kids who are involved in sports. Fun colors and cute designs are perfect for fashion-conscious teens. An orthodontist will work closely with the patient and family members to select the most effective treatment, whether Invisalign or another metal wiring option.

A beautiful smile is waiting! Find out how you can improve the position of your teeth or conditions like an overbite or under-bite. Contact the experienced professionals at Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics for more information about getting the best smile possible in your preferred treatment style. Then, no matter how you dress, your smile will be the first thing people notice.

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Wear a Big Smile

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