Tooth brushing Mistake No.4

tooth brush

“Brushing Too Often or Too Hard”

Visiting an orthodontic office and discussing Invisalign or other treatments with a professional orthodontist provides an opportunity to identify other mistakes and problems. Although brushing is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth, mistakes cause damage to the enamel or harm the gums. Learning to brush properly is essential for braces or Invisalign Teen because it impacts the health of the teeth. In some cases, the problems stem from brushing too often or brushing too hard.

Appropriate Brushing

As a general rule, brush two to three times per day. Ideally, wait at least half an hour after eating a meal before brushing so that the enamel on the teeth has time to harden when food items and beverages are finished.  Tooth brushing mistakes often stem from brushing too often and too quickly after eating a meal. Certain foods and beverages soften the enamel of the teeth. When an individual brushes too soon after the meal, he or she can ruin the teeth by removing the outer layer of enamel and increasing the risk of cavities.

Brushing Softly

Brush softly to avoid harming the gums. Put light pressure on the teeth. Generally, if the gums feel sore after brushing, then an individual is brushing too hard. The gums should not bleed, feel sore or pull back from the teeth. Sensitive teeth can also mean that an individual is brushing too hard.  Brushing is still essential for healthy teeth, but the process and flossing options will change.  Caring for the teeth requires an understanding of the appropriate methods to brush and floss throughout the day. Contact us today or visit our office to learn more about orthodontic procedures or caring for the teeth after braces.

Contact Us Today for an Appointment

Not every orthodontic office has two experts to examine and treat patients but Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics does. We make it convenient to drive to our facilities by having three locations in South Carolina:

• Spartanburg Orthodontics
• Gaffney Orthodontics
• Duncan Orthodontics

At our state-of-the-art orthodontic facility, patients have the opportunity to meet with two qualified orthodontists who understand how to determine the most appropriate braces for patients. Anyone with unsightly misaligned teeth can schedule an appointment with a telephone call or online form to talk to:

Dr. Phil Higginbotham
Dr. Eric Nease

Dr Nease Orthodontics 2455 E. Main Street Spartanburg, SC
29307 (864) 579-7700

Tooth brushing Mistake No.4

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