The Surplus of the Heart Overflows from a Smile

Charles de Leusse is a poet who believes that a giving heart will overflow from a beautiful smile. It is always a good idea to help others and smile at the same time, but when you have overlapping teeth, you are too embarrassed to smile at anyone. Fortunately, it is possible to fix your teeth with expert orthodontic treatment.



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Have a Giving Heart and a Gorgeous Smile

If you have severe malocclusions, then an orthodontist will recommend treatment with some type of braces, but today, there are wires and brackets that you can wear on the backs of your teeth. Alternatively, you might have a mild malocclusion that is easy to repair with clear plastic aligners designed using Invisalign software. Whatever the application the expert knowledge of Drs. Nease & Higginbotham can make your dream smile come true.



Have an Orthodontic Evaluation

Firstly, you must visit an orthodontic facility for a complete examination that includes medical images to determine what type of misalignments you have. When you have tiny gaps between your teeth, aligners are an excellent option, and you can remove these devices in order to perform oral hygiene two times a day.

You only need to wear aligners for one year, but if you have an overbite, then braces are required for your teeth. This form of orthodontic treatment requires two to four years when you follow your orthodontist’s daily recommendations.



Schedule an Appointment With Us Today

Our patients can receive treatment with one of these orthodontic devices:

  • Herbst appliance – designed for repositioning the lower jaw
  • Braces – Damon System, metallic or Inspire
  • Invisalign – removable plastic aligners

In conclusion, if you live in South Carolina, then it is easy to contact an orthodontist with a giving heart at Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics. We have two experts working in our facilities, including:

  • Dr. Phil Higginbotham
  • Dr. Eric Nease

We make it easy to undergo orthodontic treatment with offices in Duncan, Gaffney or Spartanburg.


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The Surplus of the Heart Overflows from a Smile 

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