Smile more to attract more – Debasish Mridha


Research shows that a person’s face is the first thing we notice when we meet someone. Among various facial features to grab our attention is the person’s smile. Studies indicate that a lovely smile attracts other people’s interest.

Orthodontic Treatment

If your smile could improve, you may be eligible for orthodontic treatment that can transform your teeth into the smile of your dreams. There are many types of braces to choose from, depending on your specific dental needs.

Invisalign is popular because of their clear overlay that gradually reposition the teeth without hardly being noticed by others. Patients often begin to feel better about their smile while wearing Invisalign due to increased confidence.

Another effective orthodontic product is the Damon system, which uses wires moving sideways along the brackets for a more comfortable fit. This type of treatment may sometimes be completed sooner and with fewer adjustments.

A device that allows the lower jaw to coordinate with upper jaw growth is the Herbst appliance. It is designed to help patients with protruding upper teeth. The device adjusts the lower jaw position so patients can readily open and close their mouths as well as chew food without discomfort.

Stainless steel wires and brackets can become gold braces when coated with 24-karat gold, adding glamour to orthodontic treatment for many. These are usually not as highly recommended for kids. In fact, young patients get among the best results with Inspire treatment. They are strong and last over the course of treatment. They are less visible to observers than usual metal braces, so teenagers love them.

These and other treatments are available for those who want to enhance their smiles or correct a dental malformation. An orthodontist can evaluate your situation and recommend treatment. To schedule an exam, contact Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics. You’ll appreciate the convenience and affordability of treatments through professional orthodontist practitioners.

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