Smile; Because a Smile Is a Universal Welcome



When You Have Straight Teeth


Max Eastman believed that a smile is a universal welcome despite the differences of our world’s languages. If you are traveling in a foreign country, then take the time to smile at other people who speak a different language, and they will probably smile back. Unfortunately, if you have crooked teeth, then you might avoid smiling because you are embarrassed. However, it is easy to have your teeth repaired with braces or Invisalign aligners to create a more beautiful smile. The first step toward improving your smile includes visiting an orthodontist for an evaluation of your mouth and facial structure.


Choose Soft and Comfortable Aligners For Your Teeth


If you have mild malocclusions, then it is possible to wear aligners for six months to one year to shift your teeth into better positions. Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic, and you will wear each set for two weeks. You are required to wear these aligners for most of the day and night to maintain your treatment plan. When you have serious malocclusions, you must wear braces instead, but you can choose Damon System devices that are self-ligating and more comfortable to wear, making it easier to smile at everyone.


Schedule an Appointment For a New Smile


When you live in Spartanburg, S.C., call Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist for an evaluation of your teeth. We have two experts working in our facility, including:


  • Dr. Phil Higginbotham
  • Dr. Eric Nease


It is also possible to see an orthodontist at our other locations in:


  • Duncan
  • Gaffney


In addition to having state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we offer the AcceleDent Aura system that helps our patients have straighter teeth faster with only 20-minutes of use each day. To learn more about braces, schedule an appointment online or call us at 864-579-7700.


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