Orthodontic Fact #10

dr. charles tweed

Orthodontic Fact #10 The first ever certified orthodontist in the United States is Dr. Charles Tweed from the late 18th century.

While many Americans rely on and benefit from orthodontics, not a lot of individuals know the history of this field. In fact, many people would be surprised to know just how far back this specific practice goes back. Orthodontics may seem like a new area, but it’s not. The first ever certified orthodontist in the United States is Dr. Charles Tweed. He got this honor in the early 1900s. Tweed lived from 1895 to 1969 and contributed a lot to the orthodontic field throughout this time.

Dr. Tweed actually devoted a lot of his early life to his studies. He first studied at Ohio State University and then transferred over to the School of Orthodontia in Kansas City, Missouri. From there, we went on to finish up his post-graduate studies at Columbia University. With all this knowledge of dentistry and orthodontics, Dr. Tweed was able to really help the field grow. He even worked on a number of clinical trials and research to improve orthodontics as a whole.

It’s clear that Dr. Tweed really put down the groundwork for what orthodontics is today. However, since then, there have been a great deal of contributions and developments made to even further the field. Orthodontics today have become much more accessible, meaning that a lot more individuals are now able to get braces like Invisalign put on their teeth. These kinds of braces really do a fantastic job at doing everything from correcting overbites to straightening crooked teeth.

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