Men Are Vulnerable to a Smile


Of all the smile quotes that you’ll ever find, none is truer than this one. It exemplifies just how powerful a smile is when it comes to a woman’s life.

Something as simple and warm as a smile can be enough to melt away that rigid armor that most men paint their exterior with. It can allow the right woman to understand what goes on in a man’s head and speak to their heart rather than their greed or their oft-blind ambition.

How Dorothy Dix’s Smile Led Her to Success

The best part about this quote is that it comes from one of the most important women in the history of journalism, Dorothy Dix. She was the most popular and highest paid female journalist of her time.

She came to appreciate the value of a smile through her own work experience, which led her to interview thousands of high-profile men. Her smile was her greatest tool, as it allowed her to disarm the men she interviewed so that she could gather an insight to what they were really thinking rather than the tough exterior they were socially expected to have due to their work as bankers, politicians and businessmen.

What About Your Smile?

If you’re afraid to use your smile because of imperfections like misaligned teeth, there’s still hope. Orthodontists like those at Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics in Spartanburg can help you obtain the beautiful smile that can function as an invaluable tool to help both those around you and yourself.

Schedule an appointment with your local Gaffney orthodontics today to see what can be done to make your smile beautiful. Just don’t forget to ask the orthodontic office about options like Invisalign, as one simple question of “Does Invisalign work for me?” can be enough to give you a hassle-free teeth alignment option.

Contact Us Today for an Appointment

Not every orthodontic office has two experts to examine and treat patients but Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics does. We make it convenient to drive to our facilities by having three locations in South Carolina:

• Spartanburg Orthodontics
• Gaffney Orthodontics
• Duncan Orthodontics

At our state-of-the-art orthodontic facility, patients have the opportunity to meet with two qualified orthodontists who understand how to determine the most appropriate braces for patients. Anyone with unsightly misaligned teeth can schedule an appointment with a telephone call or online form to talk to:

Dr. Phil Higginbotham
Dr. Eric Nease

Dr Nease Orthodontics
2455 E. Main Street
SC 29307
(864) 579-7700

Men Are Vulnerable to a Smile

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