Is Damon System the Boss of Braces [in 2019]

Many years ago, getting one’s teeth straightened meant that one had to go through a long and tedious and painful process. At that time, braces meant a mouthful of wires and discomfort. While the results were worth the struggle, is it not better to have the same effect having gone through less strain? Faster, better and simpler is what we all desire nowadays, and that is what Damon System offers.

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First, Damon Clear is one of the newest orthodontic technologies. They are self-litigating brackets. This means that a gate holds the wire which moves the tooth in the bracket, which makes the brace a tunnel through which the wire can pass through.  Are there advantages of using damon brackets over the traditional ones? While both use metal, there are major differences that make Damon technology more superior. Damon braces clear reviews and Damon system braces problems can be found below.

Damon Braces are More Comfortable

Damon uses the self-litigating system. Thus, the wires are kept in place by a sliding mechanism, which allows more freedom of movement. Therefore, they do not have to be tightened manually, something that most patients fear. Tightening also makes your mouth and jaws to feel taut. Therefore, Damon brackets are gentler and more comfortable to your mouth. These brackets are also smoother against the cheeks and lips.  Traditional brackets use elastic ties and active clips. These usually create friction against the mouth tissues and the teeth. Their edges catch lips and cheeks more quickly. The effect often leads to discomfort and pain.

Will Damon Braces Give Me a Better Smile?

The primary aim of brackets is to have a beautiful smile. During an orthodontic procedure, the early phases are geared towards rotating and up righting the teeth. Damon brackets achieve this and also widen the arch thus giving the face better balance. A wider smile and enhanced profiles are the fuller result. These changes are experienced during the first months of the treatment.

Damon Braces Work Faster than Traditional Braces

You have more freedom to go on with your normal daily activities. Considering that they do not have to be tightened quite often, you need to see your orthodontist fewer times. On average, the visits are more rare by about 48%. This means that it is about 8 to 10 weeks. It means that although the treatment is expensive, this cost is reduced by reducing the number of appointments. However, you still have to go to your doctor for a few adjustments. As for traditional brackets, the arch wires are attached to the brackets using ligatures. Thus, they have to be often tightened.

How Long Until I See Results with Damon Braces?

This technology allows one to achieve the desired smile within a shorter period. The design of Damon struts allows the teeth to move freely without having to adjust them manually. This reduces the treatment time significantly as compared to traditional brackets. The treatment, therefore, takes about four to seven months quicker than the traditional technology.

Damon Braces are More Efficient

The wires used for these brackets are lighter than those used for the traditional struts. They have a width of 0.014 inches and use a precise shape- retention expertise. Also, the metals used are usually nickel, titanium alloy or copper. As teeth slowly glide into position, thicker wires made of stainless steel or TMA alloy are employed. This ensures easier and faster movement of teeth.

Damon Braces are Easier to Clean

You can be sure to have better oral hygiene. This is because there are no wires or ties in your mouth which will hold food particles. Therefore, you will have an easier time while brushing your teeth and to floss. If need be, the brackets can be removed any time to aid oral hygiene.

How Much do Damon Clear Braces Cost?

“Are Damon braces more expensive?” This is a common question. There is an answer and it is YES. This reflects the materials used and the training of the experts.

Damon Braces vs Metal Braces

There is a clear difference between these two. Metal braces are uglier and more cumbersome. Also metal braces require more visits to the orthodontist.

Does insurance cover the cost of braces?

You will have to check with your provider on this matter. Most it seems do.

Damon Braces Review

Watch here for a personal video.

Will I Have Straight Teeth With Damon Braces?

The days of unsightly looks are long gone. With clear Damon struts, you can now feel confident with the brackets on. They are made of a transparent material that is close to invisible against your teeth. Nobody will realize that you are going through orthodontic treatment because they do not have any wires or ties. Therefore, for kids who have to go through teeth straightening can switch to Damon clear so as to prevent bullying in school. On the other hand, adults having them later in life can go on feeling confident with their look.

Are There Any Downsides to Damon Braces?

They are usually more costly than other orthodontic treatments, which may be a problem with some people. The Damon brackets are painful for the first few days, and one may develop mouth sores. Dental wax is used to treat mouth sores. Another disadvantage is that they are fixed which may not be well for some people. Though Damon struts are not clear, one can choose Damon clear that are virtually invisible.


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Is Damon System the Boss of Braces [in 2019]

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