Every plain wall deserves a piece of work, so why not cover it with a smile? – Shawn Lukas

smile quotes

If you look at a plain wall in your home, you may appreciate it for its simplicity. But soon after, you’ll probably be dreaming of ways that you can repaint it or add any number of pieces of artwork or design to it to give it just a little more character. Doing so, you are able to maintain the general structure of the wall, but you add an extra sense of beauty and allure to the space. Braces do much the same thing. They serve as a temporary addition to a smile that in the end contributes added value when a picture-perfect smile is revealed.

Correct Structural Composition of Teeth

The primary function of braces is to correct the structural composition of the teeth. Most individuals seek orthodontic treatment because their teeth are crooked to some extent. All of the teeth may be at varying angles, or an individual may have multiple teeth that need realigned. Initially, individuals often feel apprehensive about being treated by an orthodontist, but if they hold out until the end, they appreciate the beautiful new smile that is unveiled after the whole process is finished.

Increasing Self-Confidence

Prior to orthodontic treatment with braces or invisalign, individuals are often self-conscious or even ashamed of their teeth. Most individuals are overly aware of the current state of their teeth and think that little can be done to correct their current state or add any “face value” to their smile. But, just like adding a new coat of paint to a wall is a process, so is treating orthodontic issues. And once all the work is done, the smile that is uncovered underneath is a beautiful work of art.

A smile can be likened to the unique piece of art that decorates a wall, and anyone can achieve that look by scheduling an appointment with Nease & Higginbottom Orthodontics. Let us help you add a little extra pizzazz to your smile. Call and schedule your orthodontist consultation today to discuss invisalign or your other options!

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