Dental Sealants (7 Amazing Facts for the Super Parent)

When your daughter needs braces to align her teeth, it is often difficult for her to perform daily oral health care because the brackets and wires are in the way. Despite this problem, treatment with orthodontics is important so that your child can have a beautiful smile and a better bite. If you are worried about your daughter developing cavities in her teeth, then you can request dental sealants to protect the enamel on her teeth. You may not know a lot about protective sealants for the teeth. Experts have collected several facts about dental sealants’ pros and cons.


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1: Sealants Are Easy For an Orthodontist to Apply

  • It is easy for your child’s dentist to apply sealants to your daughter’s teeth during one office visit. The liquid sealant substance is brushed onto the teeth, especially the ones that are located at the back of the mouth because these molars are more likely to develop cavities. Your daughter will only need to sit still for several minutes during the simple dental procedure that includes cleaning the teeth. Next, an acid substance is applied to the chewing surface of the teeth so that the sealant substance bonds to the dental enamel, and it dries quickly after the application.


2: Sealants Protect the Dental Enamel

  • Protecting the premolars and molars from decay during orthodontics is essential, but you often need more than just brushing and flossing your child’s teeth several times a day. Sealant material is a plastic that protects the biting surface of the teeth toward the back of the mouth. This plastic substance fills the deep grooves in the teeth to keep the food particles from remaining in the spaces. While dental enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it will not regenerate after it decays or is damaged, so you should protect your child’s teeth with sealants.


3: Sealants Can Save Money

  • If your child develops a cavity in a tooth, then it costs a lot of money to fill it with a silver or tooth-colored filling.  But with sealants, you can avoid this expense. In addition, when your daughter develops a large cavity, she might need a dental crown to cover it after having a root canal, and this dental restoration along with the root canal procedure is expensive. When a tooth is in really bad condition from decay, it may require extraction, and if your child has a missing tooth, then she will need a dental bridge or implant to repair her bite and smile.


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4: Sealants Have Been Used Since the 1960s

Dentists and orthodontists have been using dental sealants since the 1960s. If you are wondering if dental sealants are safe, then you should know that there are numerous studies about this type of dental procedure. Today, there are glass or resin ionomer sealant substances that can withstand the pressure of chewing or the exposure from the acids in the mouth. Protecting your child’s teeth from decay is one of the best things that you can do. Because cavities destroy the teeth and gums, but tooth decay can also cause other health issues in the future.


5: Sealants Offer Long-term Protection from Decay

One of the best facts about sealants is that the treatment typically lasts from five to nine years. Making it a great way to protect a child’s teeth when she is too young to floss and brush properly. Your dentist or orthodontist will inspect the integrity of the sealants during their routine office visits. In many cases, the sealant substance will also contain fluoride to strengthen the enamel on the treated teeth. This is an added benefit that can prevent tooth decay in the molars and premolars that are located toward the back of the mouth.


6: Sealants Are Applied Painlessly and Without Sedation

The application of the sealant materials is painless, and your child won’t need any sedation. The procedure involves placing rubber devices inside your child’s mouth to collect her saliva and the excess acid or sealant substance. The dentist will explain the procedure to your child beforehand so that she will feel relaxed. A dental hygienist remains in the room during the procedure, and your child can listen to music or watch a DVD while the dentist works on her teeth.


7: Sealants Are Made from Safe Chemicals

Are dental sealants safe is a primary concern for many parents who are considering protecting a child’s oral health. In the past, there were sealant materials that weren’t tested for safety, but today, scientists conduct many tests on the sealant substances before using the materials on a patient’s teeth. In addition, the dentist checks the sealants regularly for any problems that indicate that the substance requires repair or removal.

Reasons for Having Sealant Materials Applied to the Teeth

There are many dental sealants pros and cons. But here are a few great reasons to request this oral health service from an orthodontist:

  1.  A child is wearing orthodontic appliances
  2.  Dental enamel defects that lead to decay
  3.  Inability to control plaque development on the teeth
  4.  Having tooth decay at a young age
  5.  Poor dental hygiene habits
  6.  Deep fissures and pits in the teeth toward the back of the mouth




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Dental Sealants (7 Amazing Facts for the Super Parent)

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