Are Braces or Veneers Better for a Perfect Smile?

You want straight teeth and wished you could close the gap in your teeth yesterday. A strong desire for that perfect smile with perfect teeth. You are ready for a change for the better. With the help of an orthodontist, you will be on the road to having your perfect smile. You have some options […]

Do Damon Braces Really Move Teeth Fast? ( 3 AMAZING FACTS)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Damon System. Have you ever wished you had a more attractive smile? Many people are interested in orthodontic treatment, either for themselves or for a child. Straight teeth are not only more attractive but are healthier over a lifetime. In addition, properly planned orthodontic treatment can, and should, make a person look younger over […]

What Happens [after] Invisalign Treatment is Completed?

Orthodontic treatment can help to address many kinds of dental problems. Some are fairly simple, like straightening crooked teeth. Filling gaps and correcting an overbite are common issues that can be successfully addressed by Invisalign. The time needed to complete treatment typically involves several months. Finally, when the braces come over, patients want to know […]

What Are the Discomforts? [with Invisalign]

The days of braces being the only viable option to straighten your teeth are over.  The advances in clear aligner therapy over the last few years now allow most orthodontic problems to be corrected with aligners (Invisalign) or braces, depending on the patients preferences and needs.   This is also dependent on the skill level of […]

Are There Alternatives to Having Teeth Removed? [for Braces]

  LAST UPDATED: JANUARY 24, 2017 Any column about dental braces will inevitably deal with the issue of tooth extraction to deal with crowded or misaligned teeth. Straight teeth are not merely a cosmetic issue; they affect the way we chew and so digest, our food. If you are considering braces for you or your […]

1 [Amazing] trick to get a Smile 2017

If You Smile at Someone They May Smile Back A smile is so much more than a facial expression. A smile is one of the most natural gestures that shows people that we appreciate them or that we may want to get to know them better. If you see a stranger across the room who […]

Tooth brushing Mistake No.10

“Not Changing the Toothbrush Often Enough” Maintaining a healthy smile and beautiful teeth requires brushing and flossing; however, it is also important to follow a few simple rules when it relates to brushing to avoid certain mistakes. Orthodontists recognizes the need to avoid tooth brushing mistakes. A common mistake is replacing the toothbrush irregularly or […]

Tooth brushing Mistake No.9

“Not Letting the Toothbrush Dry” Maintaining your toothbrush is an essential part of a healthy smile. Since the bacteria that cause gum disease and dental health concerns are killed by exposure to the air, letting a brush dry completely before using it again prevents tooth brushing mistakes. Caring for a Toothbrush There are three things […]

Tooth brushing Mistake No.8

“Not Following Up With a Rinse” Brushing teeth is one of the most misunderstood practices in health today. Considered simple by many, there are actually a lot of ways that people brush that causes irritation and does not lead to maximum results. Whenever visiting an orthodontic office, it is important you know exactly what an […]

Tooth Brushing Mistake No.7

“Skipping Inner Tooth Surfaces” One of the worst tooth brushing mistakes that people wearing braces make is skipping their inner tooth surfaces, leading to a buildup of plaque in difficult to reach places. It is important that every part of a tooth is brushed thoroughly to remove debris to prevent cavities and halitosis. While it […]