Do Damon Braces Really Move Teeth Fast? ( 3 AMAZING FACTS)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Damon System. Have you ever wished you had a more attractive smile? Many people are interested in orthodontic treatment, either for themselves or for a child. Straight teeth are not only more attractive but are healthier over a lifetime. In addition, properly planned orthodontic treatment can, and should, make a person look younger over their lifetime. People who need orthodontic care want to get the benefits immediately, with as few appointments and waiting as possible…




…However, not all orthodontic treatments are created equally. Some dentists merely align teeth, while others take the overall facial appearance into account. As orthodontists, we fall into the latter category.  Many people are interested in the Damon System of braces because they allow us to move teeth fast while also creating an attractive, youthful, and healthy appearance. Plus…

  • Damon brackets don’t cause pain as they re-position your teeth.
  • Your treatment will be much shorter than it would have been with regular braces.
  • You won’t need rubber bands or other forms of headgear to fix your overbite.
  • Your teeth won’t need to be adjusted via tooth removal in order to have Damon brackets installed correctly.



Why Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Firstly, there are many benefits to orthodontic treatment. First, people subconsciously judge others by their appearance and especially by their teeth. Thus, people with crooked, unhealthy, or even slightly misaligned teeth may find that their career and personal lives suffer. This is unfortunate, but also an inescapable fact. Many people feel less confident and less attractive simply because of misaligned teeth, which are easily fixed in most cases.

Second, straight teeth are healthier teeth over one’s lifetime. They are easier to keep clean, which leads to fewer cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems. People with straight teeth have an aligned bite that allows for better chewing, better digestion, and even fewer headaches and facial pain.
Last, even mildly misaligned teeth will worsen with age. Small problems gradually become more noticeable and then interfere with both chewing and overall health. Not only can this make people look older, but it also can lead to more tooth loss. Investing in your teeth is investing in your health and appearance.


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What are the Choices in Orthodontics?

There are many choices in orthodontic treatment and appliances. Some people choose braces and simply wanted their teeth aligned. Others choose clear or wire-free braces (aligners) because they are nearly invisible. Our goal for our patients is always a perfect result, taking into account the lifetime of benefits that properly planned orthodontic treatment can provide. But not everyone wants what we want.  Others simply want their teeth aligned as quickly as possible with no regard for facial profile and bite issues. Our job is to listen to the individual patients’ desires and devise a treatment plan that fits their orthodontic needs. Often times, that plan involves the Damon System.

The Damon System of braces is similar to traditional braces.  However, there are unique benefits. This system of treatment uses advanced technology to allow the orthodontist to take one’s overall appearance into account. An orthodontist who uses the Damon System has been trained to predict how teeth will change as a person ages and create an alignment that is healthy and attractive for a lifetime. In addition, Damon braces move teeth in a timely fashion, allowing people to quickly improve their smile and then move on with their lives.


How Do Damon Braces Move Teeth Faster?

Finally, Damon braces have a few benefits that make them fast. The brackets are self-ligating, which means they are designed to hold themselves in place without steel ties and other hardware. These brackets are smooth and less likely to cause damage to the teeth and mouth as they gently move teeth into a healthier and more attractive alignment.

Less inflammation and soreness is achievable so orthodontic treatment may often be accomplished with fewer appointments. The smooth self-ligating brackets also make it easy for people to care for their teeth. Sometimes orthodontic treatment must be slowed because a person’s teeth are not getting properly cleaned and thus they need special dental care.

In addition, Damon braces create a low-friction environment for tooth movement. Teeth naturally slide into the desired position without the added stress of more hardware. There is no magic to Damon braces, but their unique design makes them an easy and fast form of braces. Contact Dr. Nease & Dr. Higginbotham for the full low down.


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