Carolina Orthodontics: Just the Facts


Dr Nease Orthodontics Smile Quote #2: “I Have a Tickle in my Brain and it Keeps Making the Corners in my Mouth Point Towards the Heavens”

Modern braces are not limited to conspicuous metal rails cutting into lips and tongues. Recent advances in technology have created effective, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and unobtrusive braces and other hardware options for orthodontics. One popular example of the braces options available is Invisalign, a system of plastic teeth aligners that are clear and therefore almost invisible as they work to straighten the rows of teeth. Tooth-colored ceramic with clear elastic bands and alternative metals for people with sensitivities are a few of the options available for beautiful braces.


A Carolina orthodontics team will do more than just straighten teeth to make a more aesthetically pleasing mouth. Ultimately, they seek to improve the function of the jaw and teeth: the mouth’s ability to bite. An orthodontist Columbia SC team  wants to improve the dental health of children, teenagers, and adults. Children usually don’t need to see an orthodontist until some of their permanent teeth have come in; the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the first visit to an orthodontist happen by seven years old, when enough of a child’s permanent teeth have come in.


While the complex arrangement of brackets, alignment wires, and glue that make up braces may seem odd or painful, the pain usually is only with initial installation and adjustments of braces and related hardware. The assemblies are designed to avoid traumatizing soft tissue in small mouths, so edges are smoothly rounded, and appliances are as small as possible while still delivering effective support. We want patients to have smiling faces even before treatment is done and braces are removed.

When you’re looking for an orthodontist in Spartanburg, count on Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics at for the best service and smiling faces.


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Carolina Orthodontics: Just the Facts

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