Braces Colors

braces5Braces no longer carry the stigma that they once did. Orthodontia has become incredibly helpful over the years. Most families make the choice to straighten their child’s teeth with braces once they reach the appropriate age. In order to appeal to your child’s fashion sense and ease their fear about wearing braces, we are happy to offer a wide variety of colored braces and clear braces, so we have different options that will work for every patient.

Colored Braces

Colored braces are so much fun! The rubber bands that can be seen on the fronts of the teeth brackets are available in a wide variety of braces colors to appeal to all tastes. The bands can be changed at each visit, and many of our patients choose to go crazy with their color selections

Our orthodontists Greenville SC team is happy to show off our full braces color selector to help our patients make the perfect color choice. Here are some reasons that our patients choose to change the colors of their braces:

  • To show school spirit
  • To support their favorite sports team
  • To match a prom dress
  • To match newly dyed hair
  • To highlight a Halloween costume
  • Just for fun!

Clear Braces

While we have many patients who choose to sport a mouth full of colorful braces, we also have just as many patients who do not wish for their braces to make a fashion statement. Today, clear braces are available to satisfy patients with all the benefits of teeth straightening orthodontia without the look of braces on their teeth.

Our office has several options for braces that are less visible on the teeth. These are great for adults who wear braces or children and teenagers who do not wish for their braces to be easily seen. Our clear options are just as effective as standard metal braces. We are so happy to offer such a wide range of braces options to help all of our patients feel as confident and comfortable as possible.

Our orthodontist in Spartanburg team is proud to provide the best braces in Spartanburg. We enjoy the relationships that we form with our patients and their families and are always happy to hear from our many satisfied patients. We work together with you to provide excellent care and always keep our patients’ comfort level, aesthetics and finances in mind as we create an effective and individualized plan of treatment.

Please give our office a call today to discuss all of the latest and greatest orthodontic treatments that we have available. We can be reached by phone at 864-579-7700 or on our website at Our friendly office staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and get you and your child started on the path to beautiful, straight teeth.


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Braces Colors

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