A Smile Is The Most Beautiful Curve On A Women's Body


The most beautiful feature is a nice smile because it displays confidence. People who have a wonderful smile have nice lips that frame their teeth. According to fashion photographers, the most popular celebrities get plenty of attention because they study the width of their smile. A beautiful smile should only cover a small width on your face.

Smiling Techniques

When a celebrity smiles, there are no dark areas between each tooth. Also, the contour of the lower lip and the teeth blend together nicely. When photographers need a full smile, the celebrity’s upper lip remains above the gum line.

Keep Your Smile Beautiful

If you want to impress your friends every time you smile, avoid any foods that will stain your teeth. Food and beverage manufacturers use chromogens to dye their products. These chemicals have harsh pigment molecules that attach to dental enamel.

Acidic foods can ruin your smile too because they can erode dental enamel. In severe cases, the enamel will softening; when this happens, chromogens will latch to the enamel much easier.

If you have stained and crooked teeth, an Invisalign appliance is a good solution.

Visit an Orthodontist and Request Invisalign Braces

When teeth are straight and healthy, periodontal diseases will less likely occur. If you have swollen gums, you may need an aligner. Since Invisalign braces can be removed each day, many orthodontists recommend the appliance to clients. The cleaning process is easy because the aligner has no:

Metal bands

Overall, if you want to maintain a beautiful smile, you must visit an orthodontist regularly. Misaligned teeth must be corrected because they may cause stress along the jaw joints. To learn more about procedures that keep teeth healthy, contact Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics. .

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