A Smile is the Beginning of Love


Whether you’ve noticed that your children’s teeth seem crooked or your regular dentist recommended that you schedule an appointment at the orthodontist, you’ve probably conducted some research into Invisalign Teen. Not only do you want to know about the method and price, but you also are saying does Invisalign work?

For a Healthier Smile

Not only is a smile the gateway to friendship and harmony, but it also opens the door for healthier, better and smarter oral hygiene. Reading through smile quotes can inspire you and your family to take better care of your teeth not only because you see the impact doing so has on your oral hygiene, but also on the health of your entire body. Greeting people with a smile is like inviting them into a healthy friendship.

A New Beginning

When you’re reflecting on new beginnings and new beginnings of love, light and friendship, you’re probably thinking about a healthier mindset. When your children go to the orthodontic office, they get to begin a new journey of taking better care of their own teeth. Youngsters who have braces need to pay attention to special guidelines and rules that govern the health of these structures. They are taking a step toward having more responsibility for their own health.

Inspiring Better Health

Part of loving other individuals is wanting them to get healthy too. When your children’s friends, or other relatives, see the care that your kids are taking with their teeth, they may be inspired to look into Invisalign or other options that will help them to improve their own oral hygiene.

Listening to the wise words of Mother Theresa has helped people out in an array of scenarios. When it comes to your teeth, stop and take a few seconds to heed some advice from this wise and spiritual woman.

Contact Us Today for an Appointment

Not every orthodontic office has two experts to examine and treat patients but Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics does. We make it convenient to drive to our facilities by having three locations in South Carolina:

• Spartanburg Orthodontics
• Gaffney Orthodontics
• Duncan Orthodontics

At our state-of-the-art orthodontic facility, patients have the opportunity to meet with two qualified orthodontists who understand how to determine the most appropriate braces for patients. Anyone with unsightly misaligned teeth can schedule an appointment with a telephone call or online form to talk to:

Dr. Phil Higginbotham
Dr. Eric Nease

Dr Nease Orthodontics
2455 E. Main Street
Spartanburg, SC
Tel:(864) 579-7700

A Smile is the Beginning of Love


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