A Smile Can Brighten the Darkest Day!

 brighten with a smile


Bring The Smiles

As any parent knows, a child’s smile can be magical. Even when missing a few front teeth or when those strangely huge adult teeth come in crookedly, the genuine wonder and exuberance in your child’s smile can brighten the darkest day. Around second or third grade, though, some parents notice that they are seeing that smile less often, particularly in pictures. If you notice that your child has begun to be self-conscious about his or her smile, especially around friends or when meeting new people, it may be time to consider consulting with an orthodontist.

Kids start to compare themselves with other kids as early as kindergarten. If they perceive themselves as lacking or different, for whatever reason, it affects their confidence. That imperfect smile so beloved by parents can become a source of embarrassment for a child.

The First Step

What can you expect from the initial visit to an orthodontist? First, x-rays will be taken that show the structure of the mouth, the current position of the teeth, and the position of any baby teeth that haven’t yet come in. The doctor will study the x-rays to determine areas of need and then discuss with you any recommendations for straightening the teeth, correcting the bite, widening the palate, or anything else that will improve the future utility and appearance of the teeth.

The doctor will explain the effects that can be expected from braces or a retainer and may provide options such as clear braces or Invisalign, a custom-made series of aligners that are almost invisible. Together, you will determine a treatment plan, taking cost and best timing into consideration.

The next step is up to you. You can choose to consult with another orthodontist for a second opinion, wait until your child is older, or proceed with the recommended treatment.

If you are thinking about making that first appointment, call Dr. Nease today. He provides many options for a healthy smile, including Invisalign. We want to help bring back that unselfconscious smile!


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A Smile Can Brighten the Darkest Day!

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