A Perfect Smile [When Your Braces Come Off] 2017

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The perfect smile should be achieved during your orthodontic treatment, and you probably know that the best path to success is to prioritize each of your appointments and to follow all instructions to the best of your ability. Few people enjoy wearing braces after the initial excitement wears off.

“I wish we could wave a magic wand and take away the need to focus and persevere but we can not; and even though we can’t wave a wand, we are here to make the process as comfortable as possible.” – Dr. Nease.

The Big Question: “When Will They Be Taken Off?”

Patients of all ages, including teens, their moms, and our adult patients, repeatedly ask this one question: “When will they be taken off?” Our office members patiently answer each patient and remind them of the scheduled treatment plan that lies ahead. We offer the absolute best in technology, but we understand that your orthodontic treatment may be uncomfortable and time-consuming despite which type of treatment is selected, including:

• Invisalign

Invisalign uses a series of customized aligners that gradually move the teeth during the treatment process. The clear aligners are removed for eating and are barely noticeable.

• Damon System

The Damon system uses brackets with wires that are capable of sliding back and forth in a sideways motion. The use of steel or elastic ties are not needed with this system, and most patients find that they are more comfortable and create less friction. The overall treatment is usually much shorter in time.

• Herbst Appliance

The Herbst Appliance is a specialized device used to treat protruding upper teeth by enabling the lower jaw to line up with the upper jaw.

• Inspire Brackets

The Inspire treatment is extra strong and durable. The brackets are fashioned from clear sapphire and are less visible than traditional metal brackets.

• Translucent Brackets

Translucent or clear brackets are essentially the same as metal. The clear brackets are tooth-colored rather than metal. They’re not completely transparent, but they blend in with the natural color of your teeth in such. They use elastic ties which are prone to discoloration, and you will receive tips to avoid discoloring.

• Stainless Steel and 24-Karat Brackets

Stainless steel brackets and wires are the most common choice and now are available with a 24-karat gold coating, which offers a glamorous fashion statement and is suitable for patients of all ages who enjoy color.

Care and Upkeep

Even the very best technology requires constant care and upkeep. Each treatment interferes with eating habits and induces extra stress. Knowing when the treatment will be completed can help to make the process more bearable. While completion is the goal that you are looking forward to, the exact time for removal may be impossible to predict in the years and months before the treatment has mostly progressed.

The estimated time that is needed to create the perfect smile is based on the patient regularly visiting the office for checkups and adjustments, completing all necessary home care and complying with instructions to the best of their ability.

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1. Doing Your Part

We understand that you may need to change or reschedule a visit, you may eat nuts and break your wire, and you may not wear your rubber bands regularly. These choices can affect your treatment, and seemingly small choices can make a big difference in your final results. Here are a few factors that will contribute to having your procedure completed in the projected time frame and that will ensure that you achieve the best results.If you want the best timing and results, you will need to hang in there and do your part.

Do not chew gum, eat sticky or hard foods, and keep objects, such as pencils or pens, out of your mouth. You will need to do your part of the treatment. You may need to turn a key and expand the roof of your mouth, wear rubber bands and you must keep your appointments. Your orthodontic team will watch your progress and update or alter the treatment plan as needed.

2. Following Home Care Instructions

The instructions that you receive at the beginning of your treatment are vital to your beautiful, straight smile. Your cleaning routine must be a priority during your entire treatment. Some treatments require more intricate care than others. For example, Invisalign aligners are removed for flossing and cleaning, while stainless steel brackets and wires require more tedious methods to ensure that you properly floss and brush your teeth and gums.

We provide cleaning and care instructions to our patients to ensure that their treatment proceeds and concludes on schedule. You should see your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and to check for hidden decay. A checkup may help you to avoid overlooking your back teeth or some other area. Catching a lapse in your care will ensure that your teeth stay clean and cavity free.

3. Are Your Teeth Properly Adjusting?

Each step of the treatment process has goals that must be met before the treatment can proceed. Despite your combined best efforts with our orthodontist, some of your teeth may not cooperate. Braces or Invisalign can treat a whole gauntlet of issues, but it is possible for some teeth to move more slowly than anticipated. If your teeth are not responding to the treatment plan as quickly as we had expected, your treatment may remain active.

Do not lose heart. We are experts that have your best interest in mind, and your perfect smile is our goal. We will not skip steps to rush your treatment or to force an earlier completion time than is needed.

4. Consider the Complexity of your Original Problems

We will identify issues before we begin your treatment by reviewing your x-rays, dental records, examining your bite and the shape and size of your mouth. Your orthodontist will determine the complexity of those issues and how each may contribute to your treatment.
Traditional braces, Invisalign and other treatments may need more time than is expected when the issues are not easily corrected. Turned teeth and crowded areas may not respond as well as is expected to gaps in your teeth, spacers or other problems. Additional time may be required due to their complexity.

5. Have Additional Problems Been Identified

The location of other issues is possible. When an original treatment plan does not get the projected results, an alternative plan must be created. Do not lose heart or get discouraged. The entire process is well worth the finished product and treated by Drs. Nease and Higginbotham, you can be confident of a great smile.

Your treatment may be adjusted and customized numerous times along your journey towards a beautiful, straight smile. Keep focused on the end product, complete all home care, follow treatment instructions and ask questions. Contact Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics on-line or call (864) 579-7700 for a beautiful smile today.

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A Perfect Smile When Your Braces Come Off 2017

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