Your Smile Makes Life More Beautiful 2017

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Have a Wonderful Life With a Beautiful Smile

Thich Nhat Hanh is a spiritual leader who believes that you make life more beautiful when you smile. Everyone enjoys receiving a gorgeous smile, but if you have gaps between your teeth, then you might not want to smile at anyone. Fortunately, you can fix your misaligned teeth with customized orthodontic devices such as Invisalign aligners or braces.

The most important time to have your teeth straightened is during childhood or adolescence, but if you weren’t able to visit an orthodontist when you were young, then it is still possible to schedule an appointment as an adult.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Completed Quickly

Repairing your teeth as an adult might take longer because your bones are harder, making it more difficult to shift your teeth into the best positions. However, with modern computer software, it is possible to have orthodontic devices that have tiny brackets and invisible wires that are difficult to see but that also feel comfortable.

In many cases, you won’t need to wear braces because Invisalign aligners can fix your malocclusions in only one year. Aligners are clear plastic devices that fit over your teeth precisely to move your teeth slowly into better positions.

Call Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics Today

If you are ready to have a beautiful smile, then make sure to schedule an appointment at Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics in Spartanburg, S.C. You can choose to visit our facility for treatment from an expert orthodontist:

  • Dr. Eric Nease
  • Dr. Phil Higginbotham

After a thorough examination, you will know if you need to wear one of these orthodontic devices to straighten your teeth:

  • Braces – Damon System, Inspire or metallic
  • Herbst Appliance – designed for repairing severe overbites
  • Aligners – created using Invisalign software

We also have offices available in Duncan or Gaffney, and you can contact us at 864-579-7700.


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Your Smile Makes Life More Beautiful 2017



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