Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 9: Cucumber


Encouraging your child to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables can be tough, especially if they’ve recently had braces installed. Slightly inflamed gums can cause your child to prefer foods that are cool and soothing. The good news is that cucumbers make an excellent compromise. Nutritious with anti-inflammatory properties, the humble cucumber is a great way to help your child get the fiber, vitamins and minerals they need in a vegetable that’s fun to eat.

Healthy Snacks

Finger food is the name of the game when trying to coax kids into eating healthy snacks. They enjoy foods they can:

  • carry around with them
  • dip into creamy dressing
  • decorate and play with

Generally eaten raw, cucumbers can be easily cut into various shapes, making them enticing to youngsters. Following the advice of your orthodontist to avoid sugary snacks after your child has Invisalign braces set in place won’t be difficult when you let the kids decorate those cool slices with bits of cream cheese, tuna salad or olives.

Cucumber’s Oral Health Benefits

Cucumbers are low in calories and fat, but they are also an excellent way of keeping plaque away. Just make sure that you leave the skin on the cucumber, so the fiber helps massage the gums as well as scrub those teeth clean. Cucumbers can be helpful for those wearing traditional braces or Invisalign due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial substances. In addition, they also help:

  • keep you well hydrated
  • control bad breath
  • improve calcium intake
  • fight gum disease

Cucumbers will also encourage saliva that washes away harmful acids and protects tooth enamel from eroding.

While proper nutrition goes a long way toward keeping your teeth healthy, regular visits to the orthodontist are also essential, so don’t delay. Contact Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics for an appointment today.

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