Nothing Shakes the Smiling Heart

 smile with a big heart

Three Easy to Find Orthodontic Office Locations

Improving your teenage son or daughter’s smile is easy by visiting Gaffney Orthodontics to have an evaluation for simple to wear Invisalign for teen plastic aligners. Many individuals have small malocclusions that are easy to repair with modern dental appliances instead of old-fashioned metallic braces. The best way to determine if clear braces made by Invisalign are suitable for your child is by having an examination from knowledgeable orthodontists in South Carolina. You do not need to drive for hours to visit an orthodontic office because there are three locations available, including:

• Duncan Orthodontics
• Spartanburg Orthodontics
• Gaffney Orthodontics

How to Boost a Teenager’s Self-Esteem

For parents who are unfamiliar with the Invisalign brand of braces, these items are custom-made of soft but durable plastic to shift teeth into the correct positions to create a beautiful smile. Not only will your daughter or son have straight teeth with the appropriate spacing, their bite is sturdy after wearing Invisalign for teen braces, making it easier to consume a healthy diet. If your teenager experiences embarrassment from having an unattractive appearance, then remembering Santosh Kalwar’s saying concerning a strong heart can boost their self-esteem.

Two Expert Orthodontists

At Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics, it is possible to have treatments from two orthodontists who understand how to use digital technology with three-dimensional imaging to create a series of plastic aligners so your heart can be smiling too. Your teenager will receive multiple sets of removable braces that are configured slightly different to effectively straighten teeth and repair unsightly gaps. They should wear the braces as much as possible throughout the day and night but can remove the devices for special occasions, consuming food and daily cleaning. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Nease Dr. Phil Higginbotham.

Dr Nease Orthodontics
2455 E. Main Street
|Spartanburg SC
Tel:(864) 579-7700

Nothing Shakes the Smiling Heart

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