How to Be an Orthodontist

A trip into the busy hive of an orthodontist’s office may make you wonder exactly what is involved when it comes to how to become an orthodontist and what degrees are needed to become an orthodontist. If you are interested in this fascinating field of dentistry that specifically deals with the alignment of the teeth and jaw, as well as other matters that concern the face and mouth, you are not alone. Many candidates who begin by pursuing the field of dentistry will decide to branch out into orthodontics. They have a long road ahead.

 Education Requirements to Become an Orthodontist

The road to orthodontics actually begins in high school. For students who are attracted to this specialized field of dentistry, they need to begin with aggressive studies as soon as possible. Their schedules should be filled with as many science and math classes as possible in order to provide a strong foundation for the rigorous studies that lie ahead. Once students graduate from college, they should plan on earning a bachelor’s in science in an undergraduate school. Dental School will follow.

It is important that students are aware of the expectations of the dental school of their choice, ensuring they take all of the prerequisite courses that are necessary to attend dental school. Dental School takes four years to complete and admission is difficult.

Upon completion of Dental School, it is necessary to attend a two year program that specializes in orthodontics. The next time you sit in the chair at the orthodontist’s office, you can have peace of mind about your doctor’s preparation. At least ten years of diligent effort has gone into preparation, allowing you to benefit from a wealth of skill and experience.

How to Become an Orthodontist Assistant

The Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics teamWhen it comes to the education of your orthodontist’s assistant, the training is not as advanced. A high school diploma or general education diploma is the first requirement that needs to be fulfilled. From that point, it is necessary to get either a two year, associate’s degree or earn a dental assistant certificate.

Some programs may allow candidates to take courses that specialize in orthodontic treatment. In most cases, orthodontist assistants will learn the specifics related to orthodontics when they are on the job. Course work will provide assistants with knowledge concerning the anatomy of the mouth, ways to deal with infection, and specifics related to the field of dentistry.

It is possible to become a Certified Orthodontic Assistant by completing an exam. The exam is available through the Dental Assisting National Board. Earning certification ensures that an orthodontic assistant is better prepared for job responsibilities and can mean a higher wage as well.

Whether you are coming to orthodontist for treatment for yourself or your child, you can rest assured that the individuals working in the office have gone through a great deal of preparation in order to provide you with the best treatment alternatives possible. Healthy, beautiful teeth is always their top priority.

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