4 Tips To Increase Your Child's Self Esteem [During Braces]

If your child needs orthodontic care, your first concern may be finding them affordable dental braces. Your child’s concerns likely center around ‘ruined’ prom pictures or the derision of their peers. If you’re concerned your child will need some boosting to his or her self-esteem, here are some tips for making braces a positive in your child’s mind.



Make It Clear Braces are a Privilege

Children often do not understand the ramifications of financial expenditure or how lucky they should be to have good dental care. The Internet is full of photos of celebrities and personalities whose parents were unable to fix their teeth as children. Leaving them with unfortunate dental issues as adults because their parents could not afford the average cost of braces. These folks then had to endure braces in their adult years, often while working full time. Approach the issue with an air of gratitude and make sure your child understands they are very lucky that orthodontic care is available now.


Stress the Temporary Nature of Braces

Most treatment plans include two years of braces followed by retainers. While two years may seem like a long time to children, it is but a blink of the eye in terms of their lifespan. Make sure your child understands that the treatments will be over in a reasonable span of time by giving him or her a ballpark figure. Stress that it may take a few months longer sometimes, but that he or she can expect to have them off within a few years.


Explore Less-Obvious Options

While some parents much focus on finding the most affordable braces, others may be able to afford clear braces or lingual braces if they will work for their child. If your child is deeply concerned about appearances and would like to explore options that are less-noticeable and your wallet will allow it, consider looking into those other options. Your child may be far more willing to comply with treatment and take good care of their teeth if they have a say in the plan.


Stress That Everyone is Different

Sure, kids can be cruel and make fun of others. However, no one is without faults. While your child doesn’t need to make fun of others to feel good about themselves, they can quietly notice what makes each child different, such as:

  • some children have more than one cowlick in their hair
  • others may have beauty marks on their skin
  • other children may have an interesting pattern to their speech


These examples may help your child to recognize that no two people are the same and that each person has something special about them. Some children need braces, some need their hair cut a certain way or may need speech therapy. None of these things are ‘bad’!

If your child needs braces and is having self-esteem issues at the prospect, your actions can help him or her overcome any negative thoughts they may have. Contact Dr. Nease today for a consultation if you’re looking for the best braces in South Carolina.


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4 Tips To Increase Your Child’s Self Esteem [During Braces]

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