1 [Amazing] trick to get a Smile 2017

If You Smile at Someone They May Smile Back

A smile is so much more than a facial expression. A smile is one of the most natural gestures that shows people that we appreciate them or that we may want to get to know them better. If you see a stranger across the room who has grabbed your attention, by smiling at them you are letting them know that they have caught your eye, and you will hope that they smile back at you.

However, if your teeth are crooked and misaligned, chances are that you have spent most of your life suppressing your smile. If you’re embarrassed about the way that your teeth may appear to others, you most likely feel too insecure to let anyone see the full potential of your warm and inviting smile.

Many people with teeth that are uneven and crooked have chosen to turn down traditional metal braces. Not only can they be uncomfortable but they are also considered unattractive, especially for adults.


The good news is that now we have Invisalign, which can straighten teeth perfectly while remaining discreet. That’s because this straightening process uses clear plastic aligners which are flexible, thin, and practically invisible. If you are an adult who has avoided getting traditional braces for fear of embarrassment as the result of having a mouth full of metal. Plastic aligners will allow you to straighten teeth effectively without anyone knowing.

Minimum Discomfort

This new way of straightening teeth is also significantly more comfortable than the old way. Metal braces are uncomfortable and tight-feeling and they have been known to scrape the insides of a patient’s mouth. However, these new plastic aligners are custom-made by your orthodontist. They easily snap into place over your teeth so that they are as comfortable as can be.

If you’re ready to smile at the world without the fear of everyone noticing your uneven teeth, contact Nease and Higginbotham Orthodontics. Soon you will meet with an orthodontist who can give you the confidence that you deserve.

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1 Amazing trick to get a Smile 2017?

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