Tooth brushing Mistake No.10


“Not Changing the Toothbrush Often Enough”

Maintaining a healthy smile and beautiful teeth requires brushing and flossing; however, it is also important to follow a few simple rules when it relates to brushing to avoid certain mistakes. Orthodontists recognizes the need to avoid tooth brushing mistakes. A common mistake is replacing the toothbrush irregularly or at inappropriate times. Using a brush for too long increases the risk of bacteria or sickness lingering.

Changing the Brush When Worn

Worn out bristles are a sign of inadequate brushing. Change the tooth brush every two to three months or when the bristles look worn out. Maintaining the brush after it is worn out will mean that the teeth are not properly cleaned and the risk of cavities will increase.

Changing After Sickness

Do not maintain or use the tooth brush after recovering from a sickness. Change out the tooth brush so that the bacteria or virus does not linger or cause further sickness.

An orthodontic office will provide advice about Invisalign or braces based on the situation, but usually cleaning is appropriate for the Invisalign trays after a sickness.

Odd Smells

Clean the brush each time it is used and allow it to dry completely. Rinse with warm water to remove debris and rinse it with an antibacterial mouth wash if the individual has an auto-immune disorder or a high risk of sickness. If the toothbrush smells odd, musty or moldy, then replace it immediately. Mold growth means that the bristles are not drying fast enough and it can cause allergic reactions or similar problems.

Do not use a tooth brush beyond a three month period and replace the brush on a regular basis for optimal tooth health.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.10

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