Smiling is My Favorite Exercise

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Did you know that smiling is a form of exercise? People who smile more reap health benefits from exercising their facial muscles this way. Smiling is a super easy, super convenient way to get some exercise and improve your mood. The more smiling a person incorporates into their day, the more they benefit. It’s pretty incredible! An orthodontist is a doctor who specialises in improving one’s smile, and they love seeing the health benefits people receive when they smile more.

Improves Skin Smoothness and Elasticity

Smiling uses a set of muscles that can help prevent wrinkles. By smiling, you use muscles that work your skin to remain taut and smooth. It also strengthens your face and jaw to hold your skin tight. Smiling improves the elasticity of your facial skin, allowing you to not only look brighter and friendlier but also more youthful. In order to have a straight and beautiful smile, many people look into wearing braces or receiving Invisalign treatment. Don’t worry; you can still smile for exercise while wearing these corrective tools!

Improves Mood

The next time you feel sad, angry, or grumpy, try forcing yourself to smile. You will feel silly at first, but slowly you will begin to feel better. The act of smiling is a good exercise for your brain because it releases a mood-boosting hormone called serotonin. You can change your attitude if you force yourself to smile when you are down or discouraged. Even if you have to force it at first, you will soon find yourself smiling on your own. When people don’t feel confident about their teeth, they tend to not smile as much, missing out on some health benefits! An orthodontist can help you if you are not feeling confident about your teeth. There are braces, Invisalign, and other services offered to help straighten teeth and improve smile confidence!

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Smiling is My Favorite Exercise

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