Smile is the vainest thing you can wear without costing you anything


Travel the world and you will see that no matter what kind of jewelry or clothing someone wears, the only thing about someone’s appearance that will immediately delight is the smile. A smile is the ultimate adornment and feels just as good to wear as it does to see. A smile is important to everyone. Perhaps you remember going to the orthodontist as a young person and that sheer joy and relief you felt when you finally got your braces off.

In that moment, you likely felt like your over-all looks had improved considerably just from seeing the striking transformation that your smile had undergone. That feeling boosts more highly your personal ego than any simple change of clothing or accessories ever could. So it is that we might claim that a smile is the vainest thing you can wear, using the definition of vanity that describes someone as having or showing a very high opinion of one’s self.

A Happy Self

No other physical change besides adopting a smile has such an immediate effect on your personal opinion of yourself, nor one as long lasting. You can admire yourself in a new dress or suit, but it is ultimately your smile in the mirror that will boost your self worth.

It is a great relief to many people that the appearance of their beautiful smile no longer needs to be affected for years by wearing braces. New methods of tooth alignment have been developed that no longer require you to have brackets and wires in your mouth for years at a time. Invisalign, for example, straightens teeth without being detectable to anyone besides yourself.

Make an Appointment

The vainest thing you can wear is your own magnificent smile, so make the best choice for the sake of confidence and pride. Set up an appointment with your orthodontist for Invisalign today. Dr. Nease and Dr. Higginbotham will be glad to help you or your child feel vain about your smile because you deserve to!

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