Smile and Be [Confidently] Beautiful 2017


Be Confidently Beautiful With a Smile

Did you know that something as simple as a confident smile can have a significant impact on our daily lives? The job of an orthodontist is so much more than crafting aesthetics; a beautiful smile has psychological implications that can influence our overall well-being. Here are 3 ways braces can enhance your quality of life:

Halo Effect

When we believe we have a winning smile, we are more likely to show it off. Studies have revealed that smiling makes us appear both younger and more attractive to others. Studies have also unveiled what has come to be known as “the Halo Effect”. This is the term psychologists use to explain the commonly held belief that when someone is deemed beautiful, they must also possess other positive traits such as kindness, competence, or intelligence. Consider how an orthodontist may help you achieve a smile you can be proud to show to the world thus positively influencing the way you are perceived by others.


Research has also demonstrated that smiling affects our emotions, in part, by boosting our self-confidence, and one of the most vital components of a healthy self-esteem is a beautiful, vibrant smile. Thus the more we smile, the happier and more confident we feel.

Pride in Your Smile

Psychologists understand that our emotions drive our behavior. When we are proud of our smile, we tend to smile more. Smiling boosts our confidence levels which in turn strengthens our chances of success. Greater confidence allows us to stretch our limits because it contributes to the feeling that when we believe we can achieve something, we set our minds to accomplish it.
Clearly, the power a beautiful smile has to improve the level of confidence we exude and the quality of our lives cannot be overestimated. Consider how our orthodontists can use braces to create a new smile and possibly a new you!

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Smile and Be Confidently Beautiful 2017

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