Keep smiling and one day, life will get tired of upsetting you

reasons to smile

To change the way your mind is thinking, keep smiling to prevent life from upsetting you on a regular basis. If you avoid smiling because of unattractive misaligned teeth, then visit an orthodontist to learn more about different types of modern braces. In the past, patients didn’t have choices concerning orthodontia because the only variety available was metal and wire devices that everyone could see. In addition, orthodontic treatment was expensive, and few adults could wear braces. Today, the rules about orthodontic treatment have changed because there are now Invisalign aligners that are made of clear plastic.

Types of Modern Orthodontia

Depending on the types of malocclusions you have, an orthodontist can recommend these types of orthodontia:

• Damon system that uses slide technology
• Color matching ceramic brackets
• Brackets made of gold
• Clear plastic aligners for adults or teenagers

The only way to know the best variety of orthodontics for you is by undergoing a complete evaluation with computer imaging. Patients with mild dental misalignments can wear Invisalign devices for six months to one year while someone with serious malocclusions requires braces made of sturdier materials that are worn for two to four years.

Three Facilities in South Carolina

No matter what type of orthodontia you need, it is important to find an expert orthodontist such as the professionals working at Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics in South Carolina. With two orthodontists available, you can always find the help you require to straighten teeth at these locations:

• Gaffney
• Spartanburg
• Duncan

Contact us today to schedule an orthodontic appointment with either:

• Dr. Eric Nease
• Dr. Phil Higginbotham

We accept all ages of patients, including adults, teenagers and children who need orthodontic care that might include treatment with Invisalign devices. After orthodontic treatment from us, you can smile all day so that nothing upsets you.

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