Is a Smile a Way for You to Fall in Love?



Keep a Smile On Your Face to Find a Significant Other

Smile, if you want to find a significant other. You never know when someone will be attracted by your beam. When you feel self-conscious about your smile, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist. Most parents think that their children are the only individuals who can wear braces or aligners, but adults can also undergo orthodontic treatment. When you take your child for an orthodontic visit, make sure to request an examination for yourself. You might find out that it is easy to repair your small malocclusions with Invisalign aligners.

Modern Orthodontic Treatment Works Faster to Create an Attractive Smile

In some cases, an orthodontist will learn that you have seriously misaligned teeth that require treatment with braces. There is no reason to worry about needing to wear brackets and wires on your teeth because you can have your orthodontic devices designed with modern 3-D computer software. This type of software will create orthodontic devices that shift your teeth faster into the correct positions. Undergoing orthodontic treatment at the same time as your child is fantastic because you can support each other. Remember that you can also request color-matching ceramic or lingual devices for your teeth in order to have a more beautiful smile.

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Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics in Spartanburg, S.C., offers expert examinations from two orthodontists who include:

Dr. Phil Higginbotham
Dr. Eric Nease

Our clients are able to have treatment with an assortment of orthodontic devices, including:

• Invisalign aligners for teenagers or adults
• Damon System, clear or Inspire braces
• Retainers for all age groups

To improve your smile, contact Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics today at 864-579-7700.


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Is a Smile a Way for You to Fall in Love?

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