Complete iTero [Scanner] Fact List 2017

iTero scanners are becoming popular among orthodontists. They are useful for checking the outcome of Invisalign treatment in patients. With this equipment, you can take 3-dimensional pictures of the teeth of patients and make the necessary adjustments. The images can then be transferred wirelessly to be processed.

itero scanner

First, a device is inserted into the patient’s mouth for scanning, then the digital file and prescription form will be transmitted to the Invisalign doctor’s site. The program will then create a treatment plan and post it for review and approval.

Here are some important facts about the iTero scanner:


  • Accuracy and Time Saving

It is 50 percent faster than the traditional PVS in designing the ClinCheck setups. You can expect the ClinCheck setup just a short while after the scan. In addition to speed, the device is also highly accurate. With this device, you will experience ten times fewer case rejections since it is highly accurate. Fit issues will be reduced by up to 7 times. These statistics are based on more than 170,000 study cases.

Traditional impressions often had to be re-submitted due to inaccuracies. That meant more time wasted and more corrections made. Such a problem is eliminated by the high accuracy of the device. Your doctor will have to do very few remakes, if any.


  • Implant Solutions

It can be used for implant solutions. This process starts with the scanning of the case with the iTero equipment. The images are then sent to the lab. At this point, the lab will set up custom abutment. If necessary, the software will also set up restoration copying. The updated model design is then sent to the device and the model will be fabricated. The doctor will then set restoration and custom abutment for the patient.


  • Restorations

The device can also be used for tooth restorations. The process starts with the scanning of your teeth. Your doctor will then have to review the scanned image and send it to the lab. Then, the model will be milled for refabrications. The restoration will then be fabricated, after which the doctor can place it on your teeth.


  • The iTero App

The scanner works with the iTero equipment app and the augmented reality marker. Both of these can be downloaded from their official website. The advantage of these apps is the reduction in time spent in the doctor’s office. The files can all be sent digitally to the lab. Your doctor can also work with online labs and Align to save you more time. That way, there is no need for packaging, slow communication, or shipping.


  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Most of the doctors who have used the device have reported positive patient experiences. The device performs everything digitally, meaning there is no need to use impressions in your mouth. Usually, the impressions stay for a long time in the oral cavity, and this is very irritating for many patients. Many patients also experience gag reflexes. Generally, PVS impressions are very messy. You will be more comfortable if you can have a rest as the machine creates a design for your Invisalign treatment. That means no mess is created and no gag reflexes experienced as the Invisalign design is created. Many doctors have actually increased their clientele just because of this difference.

It is very satisfying to watch the 3D images of your teeth move right on the screen.  That way, you can have more productive communication with your doctor. The device is designed to capture 800 frames per second. This helps to create realistic images and allows for better visualization and treatment outcomes.




  • Flexibility

As a patient, you will enjoy the high flexibility of the device. The open architecture of the equipment allows your doctor to make clear aligners of just about any material. In reality, there is no limit to what your doctor can do with this scanner.


  • It is all Green Technology

The iTero equipment does not contribute to pollution of the environment. There are no chemicals involved that are disposable. Besides, the transfer of the images is done digitally. Your doctor will not need to send a staff member to the post office to mail the records. That means less fuel used and reduced carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.


  • Usability

The iTero device uses a sensitive touch screen. It is designed to be easy to use and has a simple interface for quick navigation. It works just like a smartphone screen. You can zoom the images, rotate them, and view all sides of the 3 dimensional X-ray images. It has an Invisalign Outcome Simulator application that works just like a smartphone app.

This is not just important for the doctor, but also for you as a patient. The scans can be retouched efficiently in your presence, meaning you can contribute productively to the final decision. Refinement of the ClinCheck setups is quite simple and fast. The quality of the digital impressions is a lot better than that of Polyvinyl Siloxane (PVS), so you will not usually require second impressions.

In addition to the simplicity of its use, the scanner allows your orthodontist to deliver accurate setups and in a very short period.



The iTero Scanner is a great invention. Many patients are finding it to be an ideal replacement for the traditional PVS impression technology. It takes less time to deliver ClinCheck setups and rarely ever comes with errors. That way, you get to save more time for your other activities. Since everything is carried out digitally, you will need less time to get the images, models, and feedback. As a patient, you are likely to appreciate the chance to get the setups without using impressions.

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Complete Itero [Scanner] Fact List 2017


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