Is 7 Too Young for Orthodontics?

Two kids age 7 hug after their orthodontic appointment

It’s a valid question! Some parents may think age 7 sounds too young for braces. After all, do children even have all of their permanent teeth at this age? So why does the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that children receive their first orthodontic exam by the age of 7? Does that mean that your […]

Dental Care (for Children With Chronic Health Challenges)

Maintaining good oral health and dental care is vital for our mouths. However, there are many who fail to understand that our oral health can be affected by how we take care of ourselves holistically. This is because a number of chronic health conditions and conditions have been linked to poor oral health, so much […]

Children's Oral Health (3 Awesome ways to Boss it)

Orthodontic Observations: There is nothing quite like a baby’s first smile. With their dimpled cheeks and rosy pink gums, it is crystal clear theirs is a heart-warming grin. However adorable their smiles, though, the very innocence which makes them so appealing is also a hurdle for parents to overcome. By age 2, it is imperative for […]