What’s the difference between an orthodontist vs dentist?

adults learn the difference between a dentist vs an orthodontist

So you’re at the dentist for your biannual teeth cleaning, and you notice some Invisalign posters around your dentist’s office. You’ve been thinking about getting your teeth straightened lately, so should you take the leap and start treatment with your dentist? Here’s what you should know first: Both dentists and orthodontists provide services that help […]

Are You Afraid of Getting Braces?

children with dental anxiety learn all the facts about getting braces

If you’ve heard some braces horror stories, you’re no doubt reluctant about getting braces! But you can rest assured that receiving orthodontic treatment is nothing like the urban legends you’ve heard. Whether you’ve had a bad dental experience in the past or just simply want to understand the process of getting braces, our team at […]

Why it’s Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly

family visits their orthodontists

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? Maybe you’ve made an orthodontist appointment and you’re wondering if your child should have one too? It’s a good idea to start visiting the orthodontist as soon as your child’s adult teeth begin to erupt, usually no later than age 7. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists […]

What happens if you swallow a bracket or wire?

adult after a swallowed a bracket

Have you ever wondered what happens if you swallow a bracket (also called a brace)? After all, your braces are in your mouth… which is pretty close to your stomach. Swallowing a bracket is rare, but it does happen. More often than not, you won’t experience any serious repercussions from a swallowed bracket. Our bodies […]

What are the benefits of having straight teeth?

A beautiful smile is more than straight teeth. While a perfect smile can lead to more smiling, it can also lead to better health!  There are plenty of benefits to having straight teeth – ranging from better gums to better chewing and digestion. Some may wonder, “are braces healthy?” And the answer is yes! Braces […]

6 Things to Expect After Braces

If you’ve worn braces for any period of time, you certainly understand the challenges that came with eating (or not eating!) your favorite meals. When the day comes for you to finally have them removed, it’ll be an amazing day! So what happens after your braces are removed and what can you do to prepare? […]

What to Know about Clear Aligners for Teens

The time spent as a teenager is very important – and busy! From school, to sports, social events, dating and more, teens have a lot on their plates. Some teens don’t want to add metal braces to the picture, and we understand that. While we think braces are not something to be ashamed of, we […]

The Cost of Braces Isn’t Just Measured in Dollars…

teen learns about braces costs

When you think about braces costs or the cost of Invisalign® or Spark clear aligners, there’s more to consider than the financial aspect! How much money do you think a healthy mind and healthy body are worth? Many people would say they’re priceless! That’s one of the reasons why 9 million Americans undergo orthodontic treatment […]

No, Your Braces Will Not Set Off a Metal Detector at the Airport: 5 Myths Debunked

Girl debunks braces myths to learn the truth about braces

Braces have attracted their fair share of myths and misconceptions over the years—many of which may discourage people from experiencing their perfect smile. We’re here to set the record straight as we discuss and debunk some of the most common myths and reveal the truth about braces, so you can transform your smile with confidence. […]

Straight Teeth is Just the Start: Learn the Other Benefits of Getting Braces

woman learning the benefits of braces beyond straight teeth

Changing your smile isn’t just cosmetic. Sure, you want you to have the confidence to smile proudly and show off your straight, pearly whites! But there is also an incredible number of health benefits to getting braces. Our experienced orthodontists in Upstate South Carolina know that a healthy mouth is the start of a healthy […]