How Does Invisalign Work?

adult holding invisalign aligner wonder how invisalign works

Everyone is talking about Invisalign! As one of the most popular clear aligner brands, the word “Invisalign” has become interchangeable with “clear aligners”. (Think of how we say Band-Aid instead of bandage!) If you’re looking for a comfortable and discreet way to straighten your teeth, clear aligners such as Invisalign and Spark are great brands […]

What are the benefits of having straight teeth?

A beautiful smile is more than straight teeth. While a perfect smile can lead to more smiling, it can also lead to better health!  There are plenty of benefits to having straight teeth – ranging from better gums to better chewing and digestion. Some may wonder, “are braces healthy?” And the answer is yes! Braces […]

The Cost of Braces Isn’t Just Measured in Dollars…

teen learns about braces costs

When you think about braces costs or the cost of Invisalign® or Spark clear aligners, there’s more to consider than the financial aspect! How much money do you think a healthy mind and healthy body are worth? Many people would say they’re priceless! That’s one of the reasons why 9 million Americans undergo orthodontic treatment […]

Smile; Because a Smile Is a Universal Welcome

  When You Have Straight Teeth   Max Eastman believed that a smile is a universal welcome despite the differences of our world’s languages. If you are traveling in a foreign country, then take the time to smile at other people who speak a different language, and they will probably smile back. Unfortunately, if you […]