Beautiful Smiles are Contagious [2017]



Firstly, smiles are the door to friendship, love, acceptance and success. Not to mention, they are the first impression a potential mate or employer sees. Make it a beautiful one that will stand out over the others. Of course, an orthodontist treats malocclusions of the teeth and jaw.

Early Treatment and Examination

-Orthodontists recommend an evaluation of the teeth’s development and growth by the age of 7. By this age, with digital x-rays and a complete oral examination, an orthodontist can determine if the child’s adult teeth will grow in properly.

-The ability to determine the need for orthodontic correction early can reduce the overall time needed for treatment. By applying orthodontic techniques early, the patient can more easily care for their adult teeth and help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, tooth crowding and even pain.

Adult Treatment

-Orthodontists also treat adult patients who have not kept up with retainers after having brace as a child. Other adults that have not gotten the orthodontic treatment as their adult teeth grew in, thus causing problems. Whatever the reason, orthodontic care and beautiful smiles can be obtained at any age.

Types of Braces

-Invisalign is an appliance for less severe orthodontic misalignment issues. As the name implies, it is essentially invisible to others and is easily removed for eating and cleaning.

-Damon braces, named after their inventor, are made of metal and require fewer adjustable wires. Moreover, they contain adjustable brackets that make adjustments easier and wear more comfortably.

-Inspire are great for kids because they’re strong and can be worn for the duration of their treatment regimen. They are also clear, an option many active young teens prefer.

-Traditional clear and metal bracing options may be required to correct some malocclusions.

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A Beautiful Smile is Contagious 2017

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